Emma and Eli: May 2016

May was quite an interesting month in the Strange house!  We had some people approach us about buying our house..with the stipulation that we’d have to be out by June 1.  That gave us about 3 weeks to find a place to move to, move, and wrap up the school year.  What a whirlwind…but what a blast!  We have been praying for sometime about moving back closer to school and into Acworth…the town that we really do all of our “living” in.  The Lord provided a clear path to do just that!  We sold our house and moved into a great rental house while we seek the Lord’s next spot for our family to plant ourselves here in Acworth.  The rental is a great situation and we’d be happy here as long as God intends for us to be here.  We had so many great laughs and special moments as we packed up and moved after 10 1/2 years in the same house.  God has definitely provided for our Strange part of 4 through a variety of cool adventures!
All of the moving fun was on top of the general excitement and business of the end of the school year.  As a high school principal, it’s always a hectic and fun time for me.  I always look forward to celebrating our awesome kids!  It really hit me this year in a new way because this year’s seniors were in 2nd grade when I came to NCCS 11 years ago.  Now, my sweet Emma will be in 2nd grade next year.  I realize that it goes by fast and we are trying to enjoy every moment!  Emma loved first grade and her precious teacher Mrs. Beverly who also happens to be a dear friend of mine.  The last few weeks of school for Emma held field day, piano recital, spring musical, and lots of other fun activities at both school and church.
Eli continues to grow and become such a cool little guy.  He definitely isn’t our baby anymore and is quick to tell people that he is a “big boy”.  Clint’s vehicle died on us during May…yes, with the end of the school year and moving…but in God’s perfect timing for us to buy the truck we’ve been talking about and saving for for years.  So…Clint and Eli went to the dealership and bought a new F-150.  Since then…Eli talks about the truck being for the men and that it’s just for him and Clint.  Emma and I have to ride in Mommy’s car since we are girls.  He is such a hoot!  He has the best sense of humor and keeps us all in stitches! He and Emma love to make each other giggle and they keep us entertained!
May is a great preview of summer and we are fully embracing the summer and all that it brings here around the Strange house.  God is good and He is so faithful!
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