Emma and Eli: August 2016

August in the Strange house means cherishing the last few days of summer while getting excited about the first days of school!  Emma started 2nd grade this year at North Cobb Christian School and Eli has finally started K3 and joined Emma at school.  He has been waiting for this moment for a long time.  You should see how Eli sticks out his chest with his NCCS logo-ed shirt and marches right in next to Emma.  Too sweet!
Clint and I are so grateful for the amazing teachers that invest  in our kids day in and day out.  Since i work at the school, they are not just our kid’s teachers…they are also our dear friends.  We love Mrs. Pile (Emma’s K3 teacher and now Eli’s too!) and Mrs. Rheinscheld (Emma’s 2nd grade teacher)!  Both of these ladies consider it a privilege to invest in the hearts and minds of the kids that the Lord brings to their classrooms.  It’s so obvious that God has called them to teach His truth to our kids at NCCS!
As we kick off the school year, I have the privilege each year of taking our seniors away for the day on a rafting/leadership trip.  We had a great time this year and made a lot of memories and shared a lot of laughs!  Clint and I spent the first Friday of the school year with 4 other couples that we love dearly…dancing and singing with REO Speedwagon and Def Leppard.  I don’t really know too much about either of the bands, but we had a lot of fun just hanging out!
With school officially underway, we have spent many of our evenings and weekends cheering on our beloved Eagles in a variety of fall sports…especially football!  Our Eli will proudly tell you that he is a “football boy”.  In fact, as I’m typing this on a Sunday afternoon, Eli is taking a nap in his GA Tech football jersey snuggling with his GT helmet.  When I walked into our room earlier, he was sitting on the couch.  I asked him what he was doing and he quickly replied “It’s halftime mom, I’m resting.”  What a hoot!
Clint and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on August 23.  Clint’s mom was so sweet to come and watch the kids, so Clint and I ventured to Krog Street Market to eat dinner at Superica before spending the rest of the evening wandering around Ponce City Market.  We also said goodbye to our dear friends and mentors the Corbetts as they finished an amazing season of ministry at NCCS and are now moving to South Florida to be near their son and grandson.  We will miss them dearly!
Emma has started back with piano lessons and also has cross country 2-3 days a week.  She is really growing up!  She is missing most of her front teeth and that makes her even cuter than she already is!  We love seeing Emma with her sweet friends just enjoying life as a 2nd grader!
Things stay pretty busy from here on out until Christmas break…but they are mostly all good things.  We are so grateful for the NCCS family and our church family at Cedarcrest.  Sunday-Saturday our family is surrounded by people that we truly enjoy doing life with for this season.  The best is yet to come!  The Lord is blessing us and teaching us more about Himself as we watch Emma and Eli grow and become more of who God created them to be.  To God be the glory!
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