Emma and Eli: November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Birthday to Emma!  Happy Disneyworld!  We were so excited for November to arrive because of all the fun things we were looking forward to!  Uncle Kevin and Aunt Marina came to visit us from Germany!  They were coming to the States for my brother to be in his best friend’s wedding and we hit the jackpot because they flew in and out of Atlanta giving us some great quality time with them.  What a treat!
We celebrated Emma’s birthday for several days.  Clint’s parents came down after church and we all went out to lunch.  Emma chose La Parilla so they would sing and she could wear the silly hat.  She and Clint’s dad share a birthday so we made him wear one too.  On Emma’s birthday we brought her Moe’s for lunch at school.  Kevin and Marina came back that night and we all went out to dinner and to the NCCS Art show to celebrate Emma’s birthday and see her artwork on display.
The week before Thanksgiving we spent time with friends and enjoyed lots of celebrations at school.  We woke up super early on November 19 and drove to Orlando for Thanksgiving Break.  We spent Sunday at the Magic Kingdom, Monday at Epcot, Tuesday was our day off…and the NCCS Eagles Basketball Game, Wednesday was Hollywood Studios, Thanksgiving at the Magic Kingdom, and the Friday at the Animal Kingdom before driving home on Saturday.  We had the BEST time together!  It was just the four of us together for an entire week.  We opened and closed most of the parks and just enjoyed spending time together.  Oddly enough…for the first time ever…we never even saw anyone we knew at the parks.  What a blessing to have time with my favorite people on the planet! We also discovered that Cracker Barrel’s Thanksgiving feast is quite good!
As soon as we got home, we jumped right into decorating for Christmas and turning our attention to all of the Christmas festivities that we enjoy.  As we look back on November, we definitely have lots to be grateful for!
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