Emma and Eli: June 2017


June went by way too fast! It always does.  After the crazy finish of the school year, things slow down a ton…but then the summer always goes by too fast!  We decided to celebrate the first Friday in June heading back down towards the Braves new stadium, SunTrust Park, and the shops and restaurants at The BATtery next door.  The Braves were out of town, so we ate dinner at Antico, hung out on the lawn at the Pavilion for almost an hour just playing and enjoying the beautiful weather, and then we checked out a few of the shops.  That Friday was actually National Doughnut Day and the hot sign was on when we passed Krispy Kreme…so we definitely took our chance to celebrate!  We hung around that Saturday and then drove up to Blairsville, GA on Sunday to surprise our dear friends the Aikens as Jim was preaching his last sermon before retirement.  Jim was the pastor that married us in August of 2003 and he and his wife have been deer friends and mentors in ministry for almost 20 years.  It was such a blessing to be able to celebrate Jim!  We made a day of it and ate lunch in Blue Ridge on the way back home.
We decided to stop by the Woodstock outlets for a few minutes on the way home and Emma won a free t-shirt at the Under Armour outlet for holding a plank for 2 minutes.  She was quite proud and picked up a cool softball shirt to wear for camp the following week!  Our family was blessed to help with Sports Camp at Cedarcrest Church in the evenings the week of June 5.  Our church hosts VBS in a unique way by offering a free sports camp in the evenings for children in our community.  This year Clint coached basketball and I coached soccer while Emma played soccer and Eli hung with our friends the Epps that were serving in the preschool area.  We had a great week serving with lots of church friends and saw 25 kids pray to receive Christ!  What a week!  We finished off the week by having hibachi with the Bitners and shopping for a new softball bat for Emma.  That Sunday we went to the Canton Y for the afternoon and Emma and Eli were both so proud to jump off the diving board over and over again!
One of Eli’s favorite things to do lately has been to name different cars.  He and Clint went to a car show a few weeks ago and Eli LOVED it!  These days, whenever we are driving down the street, you can count on Eli from the backseat naming all of the cars in front of you and the ones that are passing the other direction.  He will always let you know if you are driving too fast for him to call out all the car names.  What a hoot!  I love the way his mind works!
Emma went to softball camp for a week and absolutely LOVED it!  She has been working hard on hitting and throwing and seems to really enjoy the game.  Our Varsity coaches and players at NCCS did an awesome job putting on the camp!  During that week, our Athletic Department was organizing the uniform closet and sent me home with an old middle school baseball jersey for Eli.  He will hardly take it off!  He is so proud to be a NCCS Eagle and can’t wait to be one of the big guys on the team one day!  Emma and I wrapped up her softball camp by getting our nails done for the beach and then I took Emma and Eli both to Bubble Tea on the way home to wrap up a great week!
Emma spent the next week at Sing! Sing! Sing! Camp at NCCS under the direction of our dear friend and NCCS Vocal Director Amy Wallace.  The girls in camp had a wonderful time singing and dancing and making new friends!  Amy planned a wonderful camp!  Eli spent another week at Camp Eagle and had a great time!  His favorite part of the week is Water Day on Wednesdays because they include water and popsicles!
On Saturday, June 24 we headed to the Atlanta airport bright and early for family vacation!  What a  blessing it is to be able to visit nice places with our two little adventurers.  Clint and I enjoy taking Emma and Eli to explore new places and try new things.  This year our family vacation took us to Cancun, Mexico. We spent the week at the Grand Oasis Palm Resort and had a great time!  I’m actually writing this post on the plane on the way back home.  We are all well rested and have our quality time buckets all filled up!  We ate way too much food and swam in the pools and ocean enough to qualify as fish!  Clint enjoyed SCUBA diving again, Emma earned her Bubblemakers certification, Emma and Eli enjoyed the water trampoline and climbing mountain, Eli ate more ice cream cones than anyone else, Emma and I rode jet skis, Emma got her hair braided, Eli woke up earlier than anyone every day, We all kayaked and enjoyed the water hammocks, and Eli had his first Sprite, and we all rode the city bus into Downtown Cancun one day to try our hand at bartering.  It was a blast!  If you are ever thinking of going to Cancun, Grand Oasis Palm is a great family place to stay with lots to do!
June will be very hard to top.  The Lord continues to show His grace and mercy to us in so many ways.  We are so grateful for our little family and excited about what He has in store for July as we have the whole second half of summer still in front of us!  Happy July 1st!
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