Emma and Eli: January 2018

Luke 12:48  Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more. (ESV). Our family has been shown so much grace by our Heavenly Father.  There are so many ways that we realize this…but even more ways that we will never know until we stand face to face with Him in heaven one day.  As we head into 2018, our hope and prayer is that our family would be defined by the word GRACE this year.  The grace that we have received from our Heavenly Father should be demonstrated in the way that we deal with others as well as ourselves.  Clint and I are trying to take time to encourage our kids and to be intentional with talking about this.  Thanks for praying with us and holding us accountable in this area!
January is always a lot of fun with the start of a fresh new year and some downtime after the crazy holiday season.  This January we ended up with three snow days from school.  One of the days ended up being just warm rain, but everyone assumes that day was more related to the President being in town for the National Championship College Football Game (Roll Tide!).  I’ll take a Monday off…so no complaining here!  About a week later, we did end up with some more significant snow that was fun to play in.  I think we are all good on snow days here in the south at this point!
With all the snow days and just generally cold weather, our family enjoyed a LOT of time by the fireplace, reading, playing games, and doing puzzles.  Emma and I went with some friends to see Georgia Tech Women’s Basketball Team play #2 ranked Notre Dame.  Tech got beaten pretty badly, but we did have a trip to the Varsity and Notre Dame was fun to watch!  Emma’s basketball team continued playing.  It’s been so fun to see how much Emma has enjoyed learning a game that is so special to both Clint and me.
Emma and Eli both are still loving the opportunity to go to the batting cages and work on their softball and baseball skills.  Emma is also staying busy with her friends making LOTS of slime.  She is like a crazy chemist in the kitchen with all sorts of supplies.  It has turned out really well and we love watching her be creative.  Eli is pretty much consumed with all things sports.  Right now it seems that baseball is his favorite, but I think that soccer will be next on the horizon for him.
Both kids are growing up WAY too fast!  They have both gotten significantly taller in the last several weeks.  Eli and Clint have resumed their Wednesday Night Financial Peace University class teaching on Wednesday nights and Emma and I have resumed our Queso Conversations on Wednesdays after her basketball practices.  Our hope is that our kids will always want to share with us what they have on their hearts and minds.  If we continue these special weekly dates with them at this age, the foundation of that relationship will be well set by the time they want to talk about really big things.
The weather has given us some glimpses of warming up.  As soon as the sun came out a few weekends ago, we loaded up the bikes and headed up to the park…along with the entire population of Acworth!  We are continuing our house hunt and believe that God has something special in store this year.  Both Clint and I continue to enjoy being a part of the exciting things taking place at Cedarcrest Church.  Things at NCCS are growing and ramping up as well.  These are exciting days!  We believe that 2018 is going to be a great year!
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