Emma and Eli: March 2018

We were so hopeful that March would be the time to begin the turn to spring weather.  This was definitely not the case here in Georgia this year!  In fact, for the last several weeks…everyone around here has been scratching their head about the weather.  In March, we saw several days of rain as well as some snow flurries.  Nevertheless, baseball and softball got underway for both Emma and Eli.  They were so excited to sign up and play this spring.  Eli is playing for the Acworth Astros and wearing #32 like Clint does for softball.  Emma is playing for the Kennworth Royal Blue Bandits and wearing #2 like I did for softball.  We are having the best time watching them play ball!
Emma participating in the State Math Competition back in February and was a State Champion.  That advanced her to the Region Math Competition which is held here in Atlanta for kids from 11 states.  She competed in the Region Competition at the end of March and won there also.  She will now move on to the National Competition in Birmingham in May.  That’s our sweet little numbers girl!  Eli was is so proud of her!  After the Region Math Competition, Clint took the kids to Six Flags for the first visit of the season as I headed out with a group from NCCS to Cuba for our Spring Term Mission Trip.
The Cuba trip was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life.  I’m so grateful to have had the privilege of traveling with 2 great friends as the other chaperones and 20 awesome kids from our school.  We worked with Experience Mission and actually worked on a pineapple farm that helps meet the needs of the hungry in their village as well as neighboring communities.  I’ve always heard a lot about Cuba related to the trade embargo and it was really fascinating to learn the Cuba perspective on things as well.  I can’t wait to go back!
My precious family met us at the airport and I was SO EXCITED to see them!  Emma and Eli made posters and had lots of hugs and kisses for us!  We had the best time catching up and sharing stories about their week at home and my week away.  Spring Term is a big part of our family and we can’t wait until our kids are old enough to go as well!  In the meantime, the kids mostly look forward to it because Clint makes it an AMAZING week for them…Stevie B’s, Chuck E Cheese, etc.
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