Freedom Church: I Want a New Marriage

Unfortunately our family was sick this past Sunday and didn’t make it to week 2 of our “I Want a New Marriage” series at Freedom Church.  Week 1 of this series also coincided with our first week at North Cobb High School.  Our church is a portable church and this is our third temporary location.  We spent a year at North Metro Tech, a year at Barber Middle School, and have now landed at NCHS.  North Cobb is a great location for Freedom Church because it is right on one of the main highways in Acworth and Kennesaw.  Tons of our Freedom folks actually graduated from NCHS.  Last week when I did the welcome, I asked how many of those Warrior alumni imagined in high school that one day they would be coming back to NCHS on their own for church.  Very cool to see those connections.

I did not post my notes from week 1 of “I Want a New Marriage” yet, so I’ll do that below.  I am so blessed to be married to Clint.  In our marriage, I am certain that I am the one that married up.  Clint does so many things to make sure that he is growing in the Lord, being an awesome husband to me, and being the best Daddy Emma could ever dream of.  He takes great care of our family!

The passage from JR‘s message for week 1 of IWANM came from Matthew 22:37-38 and the message was called: Looking for The One.  Here are the notes I made during the message:

  • Why do we spend so much time looking for THE ONE, when God tells us in Matthew 22:37-39 that He is THE ONE?
  • If you are not complete without them, you will never be complete with them.
  • As we draw closer to God, we grow closer to our husband/wife.

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