Into Marvelous Light

(disclaimer: this is not a picture of my car)

I have the privilege of driving a 2004 Kia Sorento.  We bought it brand new and I have personally put all 121,252 miles on it.  This car has been perfect for our family and all of my day to day comings and goings.  Because we are very committed to being debt-free, I am looking forward to driving this car as long as it will get up and go with me.  With those 121,252 miles have come a few dings, scratches, and what I lovingly call “tired spots.”  One of those “tired spots” centers around my dashboard lighting system.  For the past several months, the lights for the dash randomly dim or just go to sleep for a little while.  This is particularly true of the lights that control the air conditioner.  No problem at all…for 7 years, I have been sitting in the driver’s seat of this car and am quite comfortable finding all the knobs and dials in the dark.

Yesterday morning, I was driving out of our subdivision and noticed a new “tired spot”.  I always have my brights on when I am leaving the subdivision because it is dark and I don’t want to have an encounter with a runner or any kind of wildlife.  When I pull out onto the main road, I always go back to regular headlights.  Yesterday, when I went to click the brights got completely dark as my headlights weren’t working.  This struck me as a bit of a problem.  However, I just kept the brights on and headed to school.

When I got home last night, I mentioned the problem to my adoring engineer husband.  We have had some trouble over the years with the Sorento going through headlights pretty often, but never both at the same time.  Immediately, Clint got on the internet and did some reading…tested the fuses…and then headed up to consult with the other manly men at Auto Zone.  I offered to just keep driving with the brights as it didn’t really affect me…just the other drivers!  Clint insisted on solving the issue last night so that I would be safe cruising to work at the super early hour I prefer to arrive at.  At this point, I went on to sleep as it was getting to be about 10pm.

This morning, I hopped in my trusty Sorento feeling quite sure that my incredible husband had taken care of everything and I would be safe on my journey to school.  Not only did the headlights work, but he found the most creative way to tell me.  Clint made a CD that had two songs on it….”Marvelous Light” and “I Will Be Here”  The second song was sung at our wedding and has sort of been “our song” over the years.  It is so true because Clint has always been here for me.  The first song was hilarious because it says…”Into marvelous light I’m running”.  Keep in mind that he was trying to notify me that the headlights were working.  Well, he went an additional step and renamed the song on the CD to be called “My Headlights are Working”.  So…when the song was playing, the message “My Headlights are Working” was scrolling across the screen of my radio.  How hilarious is that??!!  What an awesome husband!  I am so blessed.

I am quite sure that Clint was up until the wee hours of the morning fixing the lights and coming up with such a creative way to let me know that he had taken care of everything (as usual).  I love him…Emma and I are so blessed to have Clint as our protector and provider!

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