Saturday in the City

Clint emailed me on Thursday to see if I would go out with him on Saturday.  He wanted to take me out to celebrate my birthday that was last weekend.  Clint’s mom came in town Friday afternoon to keep Emma during the last home football game of the year for NCCS and he asked her to stay through until Saturday evening so he and I could go out.  We had a blast!  I am so grateful for these opportunities to spend time with my husband, who is also my very best friend on the planet!

We started our morning at the Starbucks on Chastain Road.  I got my normal chai tea and banana nut bread and Clint got hot chocolate and one of their breakfast sandwiches.  We had a great time just talking and having a relaxed breakfast.

Clint and I are both huge sports fans and we have really been wanting to see the movie Moneyball since it came out.  We went to the 10:20 showing at AMC in Kennesaw.  Great movie!  Incredible story about Billy Beane the GM of the Oakland A’s and some difficult decisions that he had to make for that ballclub.  I’d definitely recommend this movie to anyone in a leadership position.

After the movie, we went down to Midtown to eat at South City Kitchen.  Neither of us had been there before, but we are really trying to see how many new restaurants we can check out, so this was next on our list.  Clint got a bbq sandwich and I had a friend chicken salad.  The food was great and the restaurant was really cool.  The weather was so nice that we ate on their patio and then took a walk around the block before leaving for our next stop.

Our next stop was Lennox Square Mall.  Neither of us really needed much of anything, but it was fun to walk around and look at things.  There was a huge line outside the Apple Store…and I noticed that there was no line outside the Microsoft store!

To continue the theme of eating, we headed to the Baskin Robbins on Chastain.  I got a mint chocolate chip cone and Clint got a regular chocolate chip cone.  The weather had really warmed up and ice cream was a great treat!

Our last shopping stop was Town Center Mall in Kennesaw.  I did have a couple of things that I needed and Clint was sweet to make suggestions and carry things for me as I picked up things to try on.  In the end, I bought a couple of sweaters and he bought undershirts and a wallet.  Pretty wild shopping excursion!

We came home and picked up Emma and Clint’s mom to grab dinner at La Parilla to end our wonderful day.  We all love La Parilla and as always…the food was great!

Clint and I are so in love with our sweet Emma, but we realize that the best gift we can ever give her is to love each other well.  We had a great time yesterday just spending some time together as a couple and catching up with each other.

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