Free Christmas Photo Cards

Christmas has arrived in the Strange house once we start receiving Christmas cards.  I love to cover all of our cabinets in the kitchen with Christmas cards and we particularly love the photo cards to see pics of kids growing up, new homes, pets, and other life experiences.

Two years ago, the card above was our family Christmas card photo.  We ordered it from Shutterfly and the entire process was quick and easy. I can assure you that we will use Shutterfly again this year.  They make everything very user friendly.  I am pretty tech savvy, but you don’t have to be to enjoy making cards and other photo projects through Shutterfly.  Here are some other Christmas cards that I really like from their site…

I really like both of these cards because they incorporate bright colors and lots of pictures.  You don’t have to be a professional photographer or have any kind of design layout experience to make a really nice photo card.

The best part for you?  Shutterfly has given me the ability to make 25 photo cards available for free to a few of my readers.  If you are interested, leave a comment on this post no later than Saturday, November 5.  I’ll read all of your comments, pick the winners, and post the winners on my blog on Monday, November 7.  In your comment, be sure to talk about what you’d use the 25 free photo cards for.

  1. We love to hang them all over the kitchen as well. In fact, we leave them up well beyond Christmas because we love seeing all of our friends faces and our kitchen looks really bare when we take them down. However, after we finally do take them all down I hole punch the corner of all of the photocards and put a metal ring through them so that we have each year’s photocards to look at again later. It’s neat to see how everyone’s kids have grown from year to year.

    We send out 500 photocards each year so getting a few free would be great!

  2. i’d love to win the 25 free photo cards! at my church, we all exchange christmas cards each year and i would love some fun new photo cards of me and my husband for our first christmas as a married couple!!

  3. I love yor post! I have never used shutterfly but I would
    Love too! I would use 25 cards to send to my close family and friends a picture !
    As a prayer card to put on there fridge the picture would be of my family sitting with an empty chair with blue
    Balloons I would ask them to pray for us as we start our adoption journey!
    Love your posts
    Sara king

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