Emma: October 2013

The first week of October was a very fun one as we celebrated the first football Homecoming at North Cobb Christian School.  Emma was so excited to dress up for all of the spirit days!  She was also super excited about seeing some of her favorite high schoolers all dressed up to participate in the Homecoming Court.  We had a great time catching up with a ton of alumni and their families that made the trip back to celebrate with all of us.  God has done amazing things in the past 30 years at NCCS and we look forward with great anticipation to even greater days ahead!

Emma has been taking piano lessons since the start of the school year and is really doing well.  Her teacher is known for being an awesome encourager and he is really helping her grow as a musician.  Clint and Emma headed out one Saturday morning to find a better piano for her to practice on at home.  Our old piano had to be hooked up to Clint’s computer…it was awesome…our goal is for Emma to be able to turn on the piano and play anytime she wants without needing our help.

There have always been tons of pics of Emma doing her hair and dressing up…lately she has really gotten into painting her own nails.  She is doing a really great job and it is so fun to see how excited she is to do it!  She was painting her nails the morning before we went to run in the 2nd Annual Tim Crunk 5K in memory of our awesome friend Tim and in honor of his sweet wife Leslie.  This race is a great way to raise money to build a school in Haiti that Tim and Leslie felt God calling them to plant.

We visited the Pumpkin Patch at Due West United Methodist Church in October just like we have the past 4 years.  They are always really great with us wandering around and taking a ton of pictures.  We always buy a few pumpkins and we really enjoyed ourselves this year!  When we got home, I painted an S on our big pumpkin and Emma wrote all of our names (including Eli’s) on her little pumpkin.  Love her sweet heart!  I was even able to talk Emma into trying on a silly hotdog costume at Target…lots of fun!

In the fall, Emma and I get to spend a good bit of our Saturdays visiting cheerleader competitions, running errands, and cheering on the NCCS robotics team that Clint helps with. This year the robotics team did really awesome…they didn’t advance to regions this year, but we are really proud of all of their hard work!

Emma got the honor of introducing the pledge leaders in chapel one Tuesday.  She was really excited about this.  I love that the Lower School at NCCS gives this really great servant leadership opportunities to the kids!  In order to celebrate this cool moment, I picked up Moe’s and went and ate lunch with Emma in the cafeteria that day.  We are so proud of her!  The next day was my birthday and Clint and Emma really did a great job of making me feel extra special.  It was such a treat to go to one of my favorite restaurants and enjoy dinner on the patio with my two favorite people.  We also got ice cream cones at Baskin Robbins afterwards..just perfect!

The last part of the month included Grandparents Day at NCCS and our neighborhood garage sale.  Both opportunities for lots of laughs and tons of fun!  Clint’s parents came to Grandparents Day and we had a great time seeing Emma’s program and visiting her classroom.  At the garage sale, Emma was so excited to have most of our neighborhood little friends over to play!

The highlight of the month for Emma was definitely the Lower School cheerleader clinic at school.  The little girls were invited to practice with the high school and middle school cheerleaders in preparation for “guest cheering” at the home football game that Friday night.  It was SO COLD that Friday night, but Emma wouldn’t have missed it for the world…she had a great time cheering her heart out for her Eagles!

It’s hard to believe that our sweet girl will be 5 in two weeks.  We are loving every moment with Emma.  She is adventurous, loving, thoughtful, caring, hilarious, confident, and learning every day what it means to follow Jesus.



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