Living Room Painting

I saw this blog post called: Painted Wall Art for Non Artists and decided it was calling my name.  I promptly bookmarked it and put it on my to-do list.  I have wanted a piece of art for my living room for the past…well, 8 years that we have lived in this house.  I have looked at a lot of things, but never found anything I really loved.  So…in order to get this off my to-do list, I headed out to Michael’s last weekend when my mom and sister were in town for moral support.  This project was a blast and super easy.  Clint was so sweet to hang it on the wall for me tonight and I am really pleased with how it turned out.  Before I could even thoroughly enjoy this monumental encouragement…my sweet daughter asked “Mom, what are you going to paint next?”  In some small way, that was encouraging…she wasn’t totally embarrassed by my painting.  So…here it is…

I bought a 24×36 canvas at Michael’s and immediately spray painted it cream color to go with our colors



I started painting the branches and that went pretty well.  The blog post suggests a paint pen, but that really wasn’t working out for me.  My sweet sister ran back to the store to grab me another brush and some black paint and things went much smoother from there.



This was my original stopping point for the painting.  I put it on the table to dry overnight and left it there for 2 days.





After some further thought, I went back and added more color to the painting and I’m really glad I did.



This is how it looks on the wall.



This is how it looks with part of our living room.  Thanks for reading along to see my painting adventure.  It was a blast and for  roughly $25 I have exactly what I was looking for to put in the living room.



Now I am trying to decide what my next project shall be.  With Christmas break coming, I want to come up with something fun to do!

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