Emma 5th Birthday

We had such a blast celebrating Emma’s 5th Birthday with our family and friends.  We took cupcakes to school for Emma to share with her classmates at lunch.  The entire cafeteria sang Happy Birthday to her…so sweet!  Then, we bailed her out of school a little early to head to the airport to pick up Uncle Deedle from his work trip.  As a surprise, Aunt Katie and Nora flew in too!  Emma thought they were driving in later.  She was so excited to see all three of them!

Later that night my mom got into town and we met up with Clint’s family Saturday morning for Emma’s party.  What a blessing that our families could be here to celebrate our sweet girl!  Lots of Emma’s friends joined us at SkyZone to jump around for an hour before enjoying pizza and cupcakes.  Emma had a great time…she said it was the best birthday ever.  God has definitely blessed us with a sweet and thoughtful girl!

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