Emma and Eli: February 2016

February was a lot of fun for the Strange crew!  We spent several nights and Saturdays cheering on our NCCS Eagles basketball and swim teams as their seasons wrapped up.  We had several days of beautiful weather mixed with rainy, bitter cold days…that’s February in Georgia for you.  We chose to celebrate the sunny beautiful days as a glimpse of spring and summer that will be upon us before we know it.
Clint and Emma attended the Father/Daughter Valentine dance at school and that is always such a special time for them.  Emma and her friends love to dance and hang out together and Emma loves taking Clint each year.  Since Eli will start going to NCCS next year, we might crash the party since it is also a Mother/Son dance.  I’ll see what the little guy wants to do.  He might prefer to just take me to McDonald’s, let me pay, and call it a night!
The major highlight of February was our Winter Break family trip to Waco, Texas.  Just like most of America, the Strange family loves the show Fixer Upper and the Gaines family.  We decided that we would do something spontaneous and head to Waco when we had a few days off just to check out what Chip, Joanna, and their family have been up to.  We had an absolute blast!  It was so fun!  One of the best things is that it was a total surprise to our family.  Emma really didn’t even realize what was up until we pulled up to the Silos.  She was so excited!  Between super cheap tickets on Southwest, free hotel due to points, and a super cheap rental car…it was really a pretty reasonably priced trip.  I know that many friends have talked about doing the same thing…so I’ve posted our itinerary below.  We flew in on a Saturday and back home late Tuesday afternoon.  It was just the right length of time.  If we were to do it again, I might suggest adding at least a day to check out Austin, TX as well.  Special thanks to lots of friends for great suggestions along the way!
Landed in Dallas, Texas
Whataburger for lunch on the way to Waco
Checked in to the hotel
Torchy’s Tacos for dinner
Swimming at the hotel
Breakfast at the hotel
Driving around Waco
Crowder house (home of the Dr. Pepper Barn) and a variety of other drivebys
Walked around downtown Waco
Swimming at the hotel
Breakfast at the hotel
Baylor Bookstore and driving around campus
Magnolia Market
The Findery
Lunch at Vitek’s BBQ
Barefoot Campus Outfitters **awesome source of cool inexpensive Baylor gear**
Naps, swimming, and workout at the hotel
Dinner at Shorty’s Pizza Shack by Baylor
Driving around Downtown Waco
Breakfast at the hotel
Packed up
Drove to Dallas
Lunch at Raising Canes by SMU
Drove past the JFK memorial on the way to Dallas Love Field to fly home
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