Book Review: Born Anonymous



Born Anonymous, the story of Anitha Kobusingye, was given to me by a dear friend at church several weeks ago.  She has had the opportunity to get to hear Anitha speak and has built a relationship with her over the years.  She is hosting Anitha in her home this week as she is speaking in the Atlanta area.  God worked things out so that I had some free time last night and I picked up the book and read Anitha’s story.  It is a story of grace and mercy in the midst of some of the darkest tragic moments in the history of both Rwanda and Uganda.

Anitha was rescued by the saving grace of Jesus Christ and has dedicated her life to sharing the gospel and to rescuing other children.  Her life story is remarkable…not because of who she is specifically…but because of her obedience to sharing the difficult paths she walked, sometimes of her own choosing, on the way to truly discovering what God put her on this earth to do.  Anitha’s story is challenging as we consider what it looks like for Christians to truly live out the gospel in the way that we love and serve others.  It also challenges us to look beyond ourselves and our comfortable suburban existence in to the much deeper culture of homelessness, orphans, abuse, and so much more.

Please don’t pick up this book unless you truly want God to prompt your heart to help.  The last thing we need is more Christians with this information that are doing nothing about it.  We may not be able to rescue all of the Anitha’s in the world…but we can rescue one.  And no matter what, we can never say that we didn’t know that this crisis exists.  God is good and His desire is for Christians to live the gospel in a way that truly changes the trajectory of lives for these kids in the most difficult of circumstances.



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