Bredfeldt, Gary J. Great Leader, Great Teacher: Recovering the biblical vision for leadership. Chicago: Moody Press, 2006. If a person was looking to avoid following God’s call to be a teacher, they might be quick to quote James 3:1 “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for youContinue Reading

  Shaped by the Gospel by Tim Keller is an adapted version of Keller’s book Center Church that has been broken down to include contributions and reflections from other Christian authors…this version includes input from Michael Horton and Dane Ortlund, two Christian leaders that I have a great amount of respect for.Continue Reading

“It’s not too late and you’re never too far.”  I love that statement on the cover of The Comeback by Louie Giglio.  Those words speak hope, relief, encouragement, rescue, and grace.  I have been so excited about this book for the last several weeks that I’ve been hearing about it.Continue Reading

Have you ever felt like you were being stretched, pushed, kneaded, sifted?  If not…it’s coming.  If you have…it’ll probably happen again.  Wayne Cordeiro is a master at addressing leader fatigue and helping those in ministry remember where they should be looking for their source of strength.  His latest book SiftedContinue Reading