Grateful for the opportunity we had @nsckennesaw yesterday just to have a dedicated time of prayer. @mikelinch has been teaching through the book of Acts in a variety of series over the past year and this one is called “How to Get Through What You’re GoingThrough.” Yesterday’s message was entitledContinue Reading

What are you going through today? What is going through you? We are studying Philippians with the precious ladies of my @NCCSEagles 10th grade small group this year and we discussed this passage yesterday AND then it came up in my daily Bible reading today. That’s not ever a coincidence.Continue Reading

Our choices led to sin. Our sin led to separation between us and God. God didn’t want to be separated from us, so He sent His one and only Son to pay the debt for our sin through His death on the cross. Jesus rose from the dead three daysContinue Reading

August 1 ABOUNDING IN HOPE | Today is the first day of the 2022-2023 school year with all of our @NCCSEagles faculty and staff on campus. Our students will join us next week. Our new teammates joined us last week. This week is special as we will have the wholeContinue Reading

This morning’s #MCheyeneReadingPlan led me to four passages: 1 Samuel 18 about the friendship of David and Jonathan (we all need a friend like that), Romans 16 where Paul warns us about the culture coming…that we are living in now, as well as Psalm 34 and Lamentations 3 that IContinue Reading

1 Samuel 16:7 points me to the reason I love working with high school students. There is always so much more going on than you can see. God is working on us and so many of those changes have to happen from the inside out…and they take time. Sometimes theContinue Reading