Planning to read through the Bible this year using  I love the fact that it is available online and also on my iPhone.  Email me if you’d like to join me.  It would be great to have some folks to journey with this year through the Bible.

Sweet! I finally figured out how to blog from my iPhone. This will be a huge help in my quest to be a more consistent blogger in 2009!

I am looking forward to catching up on some reading the next several days while we are travelling and enjoying some down time hanging with our families.  Matt Willmington recommended “Leading from the Second Chair“.  Since that is the chair I currently find myself in…I am going to check itContinue Reading

**Please note that we would never dream of giving Emma Diet Mountain Dew at this point in her life.  However, she was very helpful in carrying some things out to the car today..including this mostly empty soda bottle.  One day she will be old enough for Diet Mountain Dew andContinue Reading

God has really been speaking to my heart this week about just how tremendously blessed I am.  Here are a few of the places He has shown it to me… 1.  One night last week I spent about 3 hours straight wrapping Christmas presents.  That wasn’t even all the presentsContinue Reading

Every once in a while I have the privilege in participating in a blog tour for a new book.  This week the blog tour is for Living Rich for Less by Ellie Kay.  If you know me at all, you know that Clint and I are super focused on beingContinue Reading