SEW has been amazing! J.R. has been speaking to the high school and Nathan has been speaking to the middle school. These are both guys who are running hard after Christ and willing to do whatever it takes to reach those that are far from God. It has been aContinue Reading

In my apologetics class this quarter, we have to answer some biblical worldview questions.  Here is my response: Our worldview is a set of beliefs by which we filter all information that we encounter.  It drives our decisions, sets our goals, and defines our success.  Many Christians can’t put theirContinue Reading

I have the privilege of teaching a 9th grade Ethics class this semester at school.  Tomorrow we are moving into discussions about things that our culture is currently dealing with.  I have a really sharp class and am interested to know where they stand on things and why. Our firstContinue Reading

Originally I was going to head up to Memphis for a few days over Spring Break to hang out with friends and help my mom do a few things around the house. However, since Kevin came back a little sooner than we thought, I spent the last 6 days withContinue Reading

Tonight we’ll settle this once and for all. Oh yeah…and for all my Tar Heel fans, there is still time to cheer for the Tigers!

Kevin returned to Ft. Stewart at about 10pm last night! It was so great to see him. He looks really good..just tired! After we picked up all of his stuff and took it to his barracks, we all headed for Chili’s. It was sort of an adventure to go thatContinue Reading

Still not back just yet 🙂 He called us two hours ago from Maine and said they were getting ready to take off and head back this way. At this point, we are hoping to see him around 8:30 or 9pm. He has had an eventful couple of days andContinue Reading

Most of you know that my younger brother Kevin has been serving with the ARMY in Iraq for the past 15 months. He is scheduled to return to Ft. Stewart in Savannah, GA this week. He was originally supposed to be back this afternoon, so Mom, Katie, J.D., and IContinue Reading