The Hard Hat: 21 Ways to be a Great Teammate by Jon Gordon was a great read!  I’d strongly recommend this book to anyone who loves lacrosse…or sports in general.  This book continues Gordon’s streak of great books regarding leadership and teamwork.  I’ve really enjoyed discussing his books withContinue Reading

If you know me at all…you know that I have a little trouble staying awake at the movies…to say the very least!  I really enjoy a great movie, but I often don’t go to the movies because I fall asleep so easily.  With movie prices creeping up, that can turnContinue Reading

What is discipleship, then, but following Jesus not on some religious quest to become bigger, better, or faster but to become more trusting of his mercy toward our total inability to become those things? p. 51 The more we dwell in Scripture, developing a greater taste and feel for it,Continue Reading

Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy by Sheryl Sandberg is a book that I’d be wanting to pick up.  I remember reading the news story about Sandberg’s husband passing away while they were on vacation.  I remembered praying for her and her young children as they walkedContinue Reading