Excellent article reprinted from ACSI. In Pursuit of the Priceless Although the second half of this school year has only begun, in the coming days and weeks you will be tasked with considering Christian school reenrollment for the 2009/2010 school year. Economic times that have put incredible stress on countlessContinue Reading

Freedom Church is focused on doing whatever it takes to reach those who are far from Christ in Acworth, GA.  We kicked off this year with a great series called Dominate which I blogged about here, here, here and here. This week we start a new series called We BareContinue Reading

*Discussion Board post for my seminary class on Systematic Theology In The Necessity of Prayer, E.M. Bounds thoroughly expounds on the role of prayer in the life of a Christian.  He uses fourteen chapters to cover eleven main topics: faith, trust, desire, fervency, importunity, character, conduct, obedience, vigilance, the WordContinue Reading

This was the last week of our Dominate series and the 1 year anniversary of Freedom Church.  Today was a great day all around!  The auditorium at Barber Middle School was packed! The text today was Acts 4:13-20.  Here are my notes: -God saves His most extraordinary miracles for theContinue Reading

Catching up on posting my notes from Week 3 of the Dominate series.  This series has really fired up our church about reaching Acworth for the glory of God and the good of the people of this city. Our text for Week 3 was Acts 4:1-12 and below are someContinue Reading

I was tagged by my good buddy Denise to write a list of 25 random things about myself.  I’m going to give it a go and see what we come up with. 1.  I was born in Memphis, Tennesee and lived there for the first 22 years of my life.Continue Reading

My “quiet time” was pretty loud today.  God showed me some verses that remind me I can never let my guard down.  I don’t ever have this “figured out”. Psalm 38:12 Those who seek my life lay their snares; those who seek my hurt speak of ruin and meditate treacheryContinue Reading

Sin has been described as a failure to let God be God. Do you agree with that description? Why is it difficult for people in contemporary culture to even discuss the concept of sin? Give some personal examples to support your answers. The description of sin as a failure toContinue Reading