“God is not looking for people to work for him, so much as he is looking for people who will let him work for them. The gospel is not a Help Wanted ad. Neither is the call to Christian service. On the contrary, the gospel commands us to give upContinue Reading

Moses The Administrative Leader One of the greatest leaders identified in the Bible is Moses. Many people look at him and can relate to him because of all of his shortcomings. When God placed the mantle of leadership on Moses in Exodus 3, he quickly shared that he wasn’t worthyContinue Reading

Freedom Church is launching this Sunday in Acworth. I’ve enjoyed reading about Freedom’s journey up to this point on the blogs of J.R. Lee (lead pastor) and Todd Lollis (executive pastor). Even before their launch, they let it be known that they want to make a difference in the community.Continue Reading

We got home this afternoon from the ACSI conference. It was a really great conference. I don’t normally get much out of those things, but this was really well put together. Of course, riding with Rachel, Ben, and Cassie didn’t hurt things. They are great friends and we had aContinue Reading

Seminar Session III-Dr. Rick Newberry (Cherry and Company) Friday Morning 611R “The Link Between Branding and Leadership” Leadership Intrigued with leadership •    understand and observe how leaders model, act, inspire, and lead •    my own leadership experiences •    leaders who have influenced my life Marketing and Branding Intrigued with marketing,Continue Reading

General Session-Dr. Philip Renicks (Retired ASCI) Friday Morning 600R “Encircling the Globe, Impacting the World, Impacting Culture” Who is my neighbor? • Where have I pitched my tent? • Who are the people in your circle of greatest influence? • Is there anyone you can exclude and still fulfill theContinue Reading

Session 2-Dr. Bob Miller (ACSI Consultant) Thursday Afternoon 413R “Avoiding Professional Burnout” Burnout is primarily spiritual and emotional. 1. Deal with sin properly a. Unconfessed sin robs you of your joy b. I John 1:9 2. Learn to say NO a. Less is more b. Prioritize your ministry c. NeverContinue Reading

Session 1-Dr. Brad Green (Union University) Thursday Morning 206R “The Gospel and The Intellectual Life I: Why Should Christians Care About Academics?” Helped start Augustan School in Jackson, TN Why is it the case that wherever the cross is planted the academy follows? Wherever the gospel has gone, the academyContinue Reading

Session A-Josh McDowell Thursday Morning 115R “Truth can Transform” RULES without RELATIONSHIPS leads to REBELLION TRUTH without RELATIONSHIPS leads to REJECTION DISCIPLINE without RELATIONSHIPS leads to ANGER Building relationships builds an advantage 1. No guarantees 2. It is never too late 3. Some kids are literally born hard to raiseContinue Reading

General Session-Josh McDowell Thursday Morning 100R “Relationships that Transform” Two goofy jokes he started with… When I started in ministry, the Dead Sea was only sick. When I started in ministry, the Statue of Liberty was just a little girl. The Making of an Individual Behavior-driven by our values Values-formedContinue Reading