First of all, the house projects…DONE! Here is the proof: A ton of mulch, a couple gallons of deck stain, some white paint and we are DONE. Clint and I have decided that our next residence will be a studio apartment in a city where we can’t even see decksContinue Reading

We got out of school at noon today and are off tomorrow for Good Friday. I don’t have to be back until Monday morning! So…our theme for the weekend is MULCH and PAINT. I had 7 yards of mulch delivered just a little bit ago and Clint is picking upContinue Reading

Today was a CRAZY day! We had the privilege of going to share with our Lower School chapel about Senior Missions Week. I’ve been working on the video for that the past few days. It was really cool to hear some of our seniors share and our Costa Rica praiseContinue Reading

Home March 11, 2008   It’s good to be home! Thank you for everyone who prayed for us. We can’t wait to share all of the great things God did in our midst! Thank you LORD that we’ll never be the same! We have no more excuses. We’ve seen theContinue Reading

what does love look like? March 9, 2008   the pizza saturday night was great! we enjoyed getting to know some of the teenagers in guacimo. we left the church after dinner and headed back to the hotel. along the way we stopped for ice cream. many of the studentsContinue Reading

friday/saturday March 8, 2008 thursday night ended well. we had a great time souvenir shopping and many of the students picked up some cool stuff to bring home. many of the seniors dropped by the bakery to check out their tasty treats. keep in mind that we don’t speak spanishContinue Reading

wednesday/thursday March 6, 2008   hey everyone…sorry for the delay in posting. now that i´m on…it´s dialup, so this might be a little briefer than the others. thanks for all your emails and prayers. we really appreciate them! yesterday (wednesday) was a wonderful day! we started out the morning movingContinue Reading