God has really been speaking to my heart this week about just how tremendously blessed I am.  Here are a few of the places He has shown it to me…

1.  One night last week I spent about 3 hours straight wrapping Christmas presents.  That wasn’t even all the presents we are giving.  Thank you Lord that you have blessed us in such a way that we can bless others!

2.  Tuesday Emma and I spent all day in my closet.  Typically Clint and I do a major cleanout right around the end of the year.  This year I decided to really dig in…clothes, shoes, purses, dresser, closet, etc…nothing was safe.  Thank you Lord that it took me all day to go through all of my stuff…and that all of the stuff I am giving away takes 5 trips down the stairs.

3.  Just realized that this week was the 8 year anniversary of my college graduation from the University of Memphis.  Thank you Lord for the gift of a great education!

4.  Clint and I are having a blast celebrating our first Christmas with our baby girl.  Emma has made Christmas more exciting than it has ever been before.  Thank you Lord for blessing us with our precious daughter!

5.  We had a great time hanging out with all of our friends from Freedom Church at Bikes or Bust this week.  God is doing some amazing things through Freedom and our family is pumped to be a part of it.  Thank you Lord for allowing us to partner with a church that is seeking to reach those that are far from you so that they can experience life in Christ!

I’m sure that I’ll have plenty more of these moments in the next several days…I’ll look forward to sharing some more!

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