Our inclination is to discern God’s will by asking, “What should I do?” But God’s will concerns itself primarily with who we are, and only secondarily with what we do. By changing the question and asking, “Who should I be?” we see that God’s will is not concealed from usContinue Reading

I’m excited to see what God has in store for Davis Richardson.  He is an up and coming architect that seeks to revolutionize the housing market into something more sustainable…from both an environmental and affordability perspective.  Davis is asking all the right questions.  I had the privilege of watching DavisContinue Reading

Happy Spring Break! One of our favorite traditions here in Georgia happens the first week of April…Spring Break. This year’s Spring Break was extra nice because it coincided with Easter. What a blessing to just be able to enjoy the day and spend time together serving at Cedarcrest Church. Emma,Continue Reading