This past weekend I had the opportunity to read Tribes by Seth Godin.  Everyone I know has been talking about it and I wanted to check it out.  I picked it up after dinner Saturday evening and finished it before bed.  I’m a pretty fast reader, but it was aContinue Reading

I had an opportunity to go with 35 of our seniors to serve up at the Goshen Valley Boys Ranch in Waleska.  We headed up yesterday morning and spent some time there as part of the North Cobb Christian Senior Missions Week.  Half of our senior class is serving inContinue Reading

This is a little bit early because Emma won’t be 4 months old until Sunday, but some of you have been asking for some new pictures…so here they are.  This warm weather has been a blast.  Emma loves being outside!!Continue Reading

This morning in chapel at N Cobb Christian, we had the band Exodus from Liberty University.  They travel the United States sharing the story of Liberty University by leading worship in a variety of settings.  These are great guys and I would definitely encourage you to have them come toContinue Reading

This is taken word for word from the book Leading from the Second Chair by Mike Bonem and Roger Patterson from pages 96-97.  This book has been an amazing resource as well as a God-sized challenge to me in some areas of leadership. The Second Chair as Servant Leader TheContinue Reading