Check.  Did it this morning.  Fortunately the line wasn’t too bad at the school we vote at here in Paulding County.  Each time I vote, I am reminded of how thankful I am to live in a country that lets me be a part of choosing our leadership.  I mayContinue Reading

I sat down at the table at 5:45 this morning to eat my bowl of Cheerios?  Why?  Good question!!  We have 4 students that are headed over to The Wesleyan School with our principal and I this morning to check out their Honor Council.  Over the past couple of yearsContinue Reading

I’ve heard this quote the past couple of weeks in church and it has really caused me to stop and think. “God is preparing you right now for the things He has prepared for you.”- J.R. Lee

INTRODUCTION The nature and task of systematic theology is to turn the investigation of God’s Word into an opportunity to unfold His attributes and revelations for His people.   Just as an archeologist digs up an entire area to determine the history of the people and culture in that area, systematicContinue Reading

I received this book in the mail the other day to read and review for my blog.  Honestly, when the box came, I opened it in my office in front of a guy I work with.  He busted out laughing at the title.  Actually, that intrigued me even more andContinue Reading

Clint and I ended up using this weekend as a chance to just hang out together and take care of some stuff before Baby Emma arrives.  We did a bunch of stuff around the house Saturday morning and then headed out for the afternoon.  After running some errands, we headedContinue Reading

I had an opportunity to read For Young Men Only and do a review on my blog.  At first, I thought this was sort of a strange read for an almost 30 year old married woman, but I thought…who doesn’t love a free book?  So I agreed to do it.Continue Reading

In a world that is constantly asking, “what can you do for me?” the church must find a way to counter the culture and direct people back to the God of absolute truth.  Far too often, the church is bowing down to the demands of the culture and looking forContinue Reading