Today’s Reading: Matthew 18, Luke 18, John 18 (New American Standard Bible) Takeaways: Am I on guard to make sure that my life is not a stumbling block for others? Do I forgive others in a way that demonstrates my understanding of the greatness of the forgiveness I have received?Continue Reading

I got “arrested” today…in chapel…in front of all of the high school students at North Cobb Christian School.  It was for a GREAT cause!  A few weeks ago the Acworth Police came and challenged our students to help them raise money for the Horizon Special Needs field here in Acworth.Continue Reading

Today’s Reading: Matthew 17, Luke 17, John 17 (New American Standard Bible) Takeaways: How does my life communicate that I have truly experienced Christ? Am I truly grateful for what God has done in my life?  How do I express that? Jesus is coming back.  That is awesome news! God’sContinue Reading

Today’s Reading: Matthew 16, Luke 16, and John 16 (New American Standard Bible) Takeaways: Jesus’ warning about avoiding false teachers is still true today. Following Christ is a costly commitment. If I am faithful in the little things, the Bible says that I will be faithful in the big things.Continue Reading

Today’s Reading: Matthew 15, Luke 15, John 15 (New American Standard Bible) Takeaways: Jesus proves that following all the “rules” is not what makes a person righteous. Jesus rejoices over the one lost sheep being found.  How often do I rejoice over that one lost sheep? When the prodigal sonContinue Reading

Today’s Reading: Matthew 14, Luke 14, John 14 (New American Standard Bible) Takeaways: Herod’s daughter collected weird things! It is so easy to think that Peter was a bumbling idiot…until, we realize that his doubts were some of the same ones we have all had. What are you doing toContinue Reading

Today’s Reading: Matthew 13, Luke 13, John 13 (New American Standard Bible) Takeaways: Jesus was the ultimate teacher.  His parables taught lessons in a way that strict lecture never would. Have you ever actually held a mustard seed in your hand?  Once you do, you will realize how amazing itContinue Reading

Today’s Reading: Matthew 12, Luke 12, John 12 (New American Standard Bible) Takeaways: You can’t be neutral in your relationship with God.  You are either WITH Him or AGAINST Him. What comes out of our mouth reveals what is in our heart. Do not worry, God has a plan forContinue Reading

I just finished reading Getting Naked: A Business Fable About Shedding The Three Fears That Sabotage Client Loyalty by Patrick Lencioni of The Table Group.  If nothing else…Pat has the market on the coolest book title ever!  This is Lencioni’s 8th and most recent leadership fable.  I have read themContinue Reading