Book Review: For the Tough Times by Max Lucado

When we feel that life is out of control, He is in control.

When tragedy strikes, people desperately search for answers. Believers and unbelievers alike find themselves turning to God. Best-selling author and pastor Max Lucado points to the only real answer to tragedy and crisis: Prayer. In For the Tough Times, Lucado helps us understand how to pray despite our doubt and fear.

I really enjoyed For the Tough Times: Reaching Toward Heaven For Hope by Max Lucado.  As always, Lucado has written another book that is full of useful, practical information that can be applied to anyone going through a difficult situation.

Everyone in our society is struggling in some way shape or form.  Perhaps you have a loved one that is sick or dying, maybe you just lost your job, it’s possible that you and your spouse just don’t think you could ever work things out, whatever it is…everyone is struggling or is close to someone that is.  This book is full of hope for those who think their situation is hopeless.  Lucado has done a great job of integrating Scripture and his own experiences with tough situations.

I would encourage you to be sure to check out For the Tough Times: Reaching Toward Heaven for Hope.  This is one of those books you’ll read and pick up again to read another time when you are dealing with tough times.  As you are reading this book, I pray that God will bring to your mind someone else that you might give a copy to.

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