Seven Questions for those in Leadership

Perry Noble had a great post called Seven Questions Leadership Teams Should Struggle With.

Perry pastors NewSpring Church up in Anderson, South Carolina.  NewSpring has been a great friend to Freedom Church.  They have invested in our church financially and Perry has personally invested in the leadership and spiritual development of our pastor.  Perry blogs daily and truly has a heart for seeing Christians get fired up about reaching people for Jesus.

He obviously wrote this with the church in mind, but the questions are transferable for anyone in leadership.  I have edited the questions just a bit for my environment as an administrator in a Christian school.  I pray that our heart would be to run hard after Christ and address these questions each week.

#1 – Has everyone in the room kept short accounts…or is there any unresolved personal tension that needs to be dealt with?

#2 – Is there anything that we are doing as a school that we would not be excited about if we were not on staff?

#3 – Would we send our kids to this school or support this school even if we were not on staff?

#4 – Is our goal to really focus on what needs to be done…or to get the meeting over with as soon as possible so we can get on with our individual agenda?

#5 – Are we resisting anything that God is leading us towards because it puts us in a very uncomfortable place?

#6 – Are we moving towards complexity or simplicity?

#7 – Is there anything that is obvious to everyone else but we are choosing to deny it because dealing with it would force us to change things up?

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