Family Weekend

We had a great weekend!  It has been a while since my brother has been able to come up and visit.  He is in the ARMY and has been pretty busy lately with training since their unit will probably be deployed again at the end of the year.  He came in Friday night and we enjoyed hanging out and catching up.

I was talking to my Mom who lives in Memphis.  She was saying that she, my sister, and brother-in-law were going to run up to Nashville on Saturday to pick up a piece of furniture that my sister found on Craigslist.  She was looking forward to riding up with them.

Saturday morning Clint, Kevin, Emma, and I decided it would be pretty fun to surprise them in Nashville and hang out for a few hours.  We conspired with my sister’s husband to give us directions to meet up with them.  He agreed to keep it a secret and the adventure began.

The Memphis crew was to meet the furniture guy at a gas station and follow him to his house to pick up the furniture.  We arrived at the gas station a few minutes before the Memphis crew and waited for them to pull in.  It was so much fun to surprise them!  My mom and sister were hilarious when they saw us.  It took them a split second to realize that we weren’t supposed to be there.

We ended up finding an Applebee’s to have an early dinner and just sit around and visit.  Then we all said our goodbye’s and headed our separate ways.  It will be Thanksgiving before we are all together again.  It was about a 7 1/2 hour round trip drive to spend 3 hours together, but it was worth every second!

Yesterday we went to church together and out to lunch at Moe’s.  Clint and Kevin spent the afternoon washing cars and just being guys.  Emma and I played and then we all ate dinner together at home.  I grilled a london broil and corn on the cob and made homemade mashed potatoes since it was Clint and I’s 6th anniversary.  It was so nice to all sit out on the deck and enjoy the beautiful weather.

We finished out the evening with Kevin and Emma reading the paper together.  I am very blessed to have a brother that is also a friend.  Our family is extremely close and we all look forward to every opportunity we have to spend together.  The newspaper reading was hilarious, so I have posted a few pics below.  As you can read, we had a great weekend!

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