Strange Family Adventures | October 2020

We finally have grass at our house! We had several trees removed just before the COVID-19 shutdown. The yard was graded and then it sat for a while. We had it aerated and seeded in early October and within 2 weeks we had awesome grass. So fun to have this project almost wrapped up!

October started strong as we were finishing up our Fall Break in Destin, Florida.  We had so much fun during our time away…what a gift!  When we returned, Emma continued with her first volleyball season.  It’s safe to say that our girl has fallen in love with a new sport…and she’s pretty good at it!  Emma also spent time in October working on “Emma Kate Creates”…her side business she uses to save money for various mission trips that she is interested in going on.  In this season, she was making scrunchies and did a great job with it!  She is so creative!

Eli continued his soccer season and is doing great playing with the older guys…he’s 7 and playing U10. He continues to keep us laughing around here. Our kids have always made their own lunches and done a pretty good job with it. One day recently we found a bag in Eli’s lunch box that was stuffed fully of crackers…ritz crackers, goldfish, oyster crackers, and croutons. All his favorites!! Clint continues his Strange Woodworking endeavors and we LOVE this new hobby. At this point, he has made a stand for my Eno, 4 Adirondack chairs for our firepit, and this month he made a porch bed swing for my birthday. We can’t wait to see what’s next!
October 16th was my birthday and lots of folks helped me celebrate! My awesome NCCS students covered my car completely in post-it notes…Eli thought it was a blast when he helped me clean them up! They also included a sweet note signed by tons of our students and teachers…so thoughtful!

We enjoyed Emma and Eli’s spring piano recital…originally scheduled for May…actually happened October 18th. Our kids love their wonderful piano teacher Mr. Brink. We purchased a piano back in February and put it in the foyer by the stairs that lead up to the kids’ rooms. They pretty regularly sit down and play for a while before going up or down…especially to avoid chores and fun things like that! We’ve enjoyed listening to how much they have grown!

Emma’s tennis season at school started up and we had a lot of fun cheering her and her teammates on. We attended the annual Acworth Town Hall meeting led by our awesome Mayor Tommy Allegood. We heard updates on several projects in our city and learned about some exciting new things coming our way! We love our city!

The last week of October was Homecoming at NCCS…always a blast with our spirit days and other fun activities. Just to keep it extra exciting this year, I had foot surgery on that Monday to repair an old injury. Everyone took great care of me and I was back at school that Wednesday. Just in time to have school cancelled on that Thursday due to Hurricane Zeta damage that left trees down and power outages across the city. We came back in time for Homecoming Food Trucks and Pep Rally on the Friday before the Homecoming Game that night and the Homecoming Dance on that Saturday evening. With COVID-19, we were creative and held the dance outside to provide for some social distancing. Praise the Lord our kids did a great job and no one got sick from the dance! Emma even came and helped at the dance by running our concession stand for the “Night at the Movies” themed dance on Homecoming Night.

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