Strange Family Adventures: February 2021

We had the sweetest (literally) surprise one afternoon when we came home. Some of our dear friends made a quick weekend trip to Memphis and brought home Gibson’s donuts as a surprise to us. What a precious gesture…so thoughtful and kind. And…we ate the whole box in a shorter amount of time than we should have! It’s been a long time since we’ve been “home”, so that was a special treat for sure!

Emma and I decided to intentionally study God’s word together this year. In February, we read through the book of John together. I’m so grateful for the sweet conversations that surrounded that study and look forward to seeing how God will use that!

Eli and his Acworth Warriors Basketball Team wrapped up their season by winning the 7-8 year old City Championship. These guys had a blast and really worked well together as a team. Clint was the assistant coach and it was so fun to see how much fun the boys had learning more about basketball and working hard to grow their skills.

Winter Break for NCCS always straddles President’s Day weekend. We decided it was time for a change of scenery, so we decided to check out Greenville, South Carolina. It had been cold and wet in Acworth for weeks on end…and it was in Greenville also! But…at least the surroundings were a little different! Some friends offered some great suggestions, so we hit the road after Clint got off on a Friday. We arrived during a gap in the rain, so we hit up a local coffee shop…Spill the Beans…and went to visit Falls Creek on the Reedy River. It was so cold, but so beautiful! Greenville was a great chance to rest, try some new restaurants, eat lots of treats, and just enjoy being together. We can’t wait to go back when the weather is nicer!

After several years of talking about it, we finally decided to update our living room furniture…16 years after we bought our green couch and matching chairs. We settled on a white couch and some gray chairs and we love them already! We also got a new rug and are still looking for a coffee table, an end table, and a chair for a reading nook. Fun surprise…our old living room furniture ended up working out great in our sunroom to create another spot to watch sports, movies, etc. and it has quickly become a favorite hangout. I love when one renovation leads to another one that easily!

Eli has been cracking us up lately about his hair. He is trying to grow it out and loves to have someone pick his hair after he takes his shower. It’s the easiest way to get him to fall asleep! One night, he had Emma and I both pick his hair to see how big we could get it…pretty fun!

COVID-19 has cancelled a lot of things, but it has caused some other things to be reinvented. Emma and Clint have always participated in the Chick-fil-A Daddy/Daughter date night. This year it wasn’t held in the restaurants…but they did a pickup package to take the date home with you. So sweet! CFA even included a table and “china”. It was such a treat to hear them doing the conversation cards, talking, enjoying their food, and just having special time together. (Eli and I were banished to the kitchen…not allowed on the date! Not to worry, I made him some fancy taquitos and he watched NBA Basketball…so everyone’s dream came true).

The last week of February was Winter Spirit Week at school. We usually have some kind of winter dance and that just wasn’t going to be wise this year, but we still squeezed in several fun spirit days and a great night of S’mores and Soccer to officially kick off Spring Sports. Monday-Cozy Clothes, Tuesday-Salad Dressing Day, Wednesday-Winter Sports Wednesday, Thursday-Throwback Thursday, and Friday-Flannel Friday.

Eli and I went to our first track meet of the season and then spent the rest of the evening at a lacrosse game. Clint and I enjoyed a few date nights out and dinner with friends. It’s nice to have a “big kid” at home so we can enjoy some time out and about occasionally just the two of us. As February does, we had some cold days and some super warm days that let us know Spring is coming! We enjoyed the firepit and the kids played TONS of basketball in the driveway and soccer in the yard. We had some major landscaping work done to address some sinkhole issues in the yard. Every day gets us closer to spring and the warm weather we are all looking forward to!

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