Strange Family Adventures : April 2021

April 30 Congratulations to our @NCCSEagles Lower School team for an awesome Pops in the Park! The music was wonderful, the weather was perfect…lots of fun and fellowship! Great way to wrap up an awesome week. #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily

April 30 ACTIVE LEARNING | Thank you @acworthpolice and Captain Mark Cheatham for hosting our @NCCSEagles Law class today at the Acworth Police Station. We had the privilege of learning more about their training simulator. There are so many strategies about community policing, deescalation, and helping people that our students got to see on display today. I’m so glad they invited me to come along…as their shuttle driver! They even let me take a turn on the simulator. #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily #BusinessAcademy #LawClass

April 29 He made it through the first several picks of his favorite Bama players…but he just couldn’t hang any longer with the @nfldraft. Visions of more Bama picks are dancing in his head as he sleeps. Still believing @macjones_10 is the sleeper of this draft. Let’s circle back and reflect on that 10 years from now. #RollTide #TheyJustWin #LongLegs

April 29 Fun evening cheering on our sweet girl in her @NCCSEagles Middle School concert tonight. Chorus, Band, and Orchestra were fantastic! I’m so grateful for our awesome @nccsarts program and our wonderful Directors! ? @coachjim1024

April 29 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best little brother out there. Kevin is 40 today and I’m so proud of the man, husband, father, brother, and friend that he is. Kev, hoping you have a basket of baseballs and flashlights to make your day extra special! #FortyAndFabulous #MajorBrother #RealARMYGuyNow

April 28 • 1 Peter 2:4-25 I do lots of things…most of which I enjoy or help me bring joy to others. But the things I DO don’t define who I AM. Everything I AM is because of Jesus. Because He rescued me from the pit of darkness and put me into His marvelous light. Our culture conditions us to ask “what do you do?”. I’ll always fall short in what I DO, but because of the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, I have no doubt of who I AM. #HOPE #RoyalPriesthood #1stAnd2ndPeter

April 26 What a special surprise! Eli’s teacher came to cheer him on in his game tonight. Mrs. Romine is an awesome teacher and special friend to our family. We are so grateful for the way she invests in our boy and all of her students. It’s things like this that make our @NCCSEagles family extra special! #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily

April 22 PUERTO RICO ?? | Started the day with breakfast at the home of @casscarr1 to celebrate @NCCSEagles Spring Term in Puerto Rico. We just love our team…may have to make this a weekly deal!! Seriously…this has been such a special group. We spent time eating, laughing about silly things, watching the vlog…thanks Macie!, and just enjoying each other’s company. We reconvened at lunch to say thank you to Mrs. Romine’s 2nd grade class for being amazing Lower School Prayer Partners. We brought them some Puerto Rico bracelets and got to tell them about where we saw God at work on our trip. What a joy to spend the day celebrating what God has done! #nccsst21

April 20 VARSITY GIRLS SOCCER | I’m so proud of these young ladies and their coaches. NCCS Lady Eagles Soccer is a BIG deal around here. This game didn’t end as we hoped, but it doesn’t change the fact that these ladies have accomplished so much this season. Region Champs, State Playoffs, 3 girls headed to play D-1 College soccer, and an amazing group of young ladies and coaches who are committed to excellence for one another. I’m so proud to be one of their biggest fans! Way to go Ladies…well done! #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily @nccseagles

April 19 SENIOR NIGHT | Congratulations to our Varsity Boys Golf and Lacrosse Seniors! Such a blessing to be able to celebrate Brock Gowens, Walker Ormsby, Jake Britton, Landen Reis, John Waterman, and Abel Yared this evening. Thank you guys for your leadership! Grateful for their parents, coaches, and so many who have invested in them to this point! God has HUGE plans for each of these guys! #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily

April 18 Can we have s’more nights like this? @clintstrange32 spent the day helping his Dad get packed to move. Emma, Eli, and I spent the day with my Mom at church, out to lunch, shopping, planting new flowers, working in the yard, grilling hot dogs, and wrapping up the evening around the fire pit. Pretty awesome day from top to bottom! #7000days

April 18 Special evening celebrating our sweet friend and @NCCSEagles alum @lauren_n_t at her wedding to @rob.estevan last night at @ivyandoakweddings. Lauren is a precious young lady and a gift to all who know her. Her parents are dear friends and we loved celebrating with them!

April 17 BIG LEAGUES | We had the best time cheering on our @NCCSEagles Baseball team this morning @truistpark home of the @braves! The guys played a great game against Newnan High School …and 2-2 tie due to time limits at the stadium. So fun to cheer on our favorite guys with lots of Eagle fans! What an incredible memory for these guys. Great job coaches! #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily

April 16 Thank you @NCCSEagles and our awesome Sixth grade team for a WONDERFUL day @sojournadventures! Emma and her friends had a blast! So many fun stories on the way home. And totally worn out! I love that sixth grade is fun at NCCS. They work hard and play hard! #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily #7000days

April 15 GAME BALL | My man #32 was awarded the game ball for the Acworth Brewers tonight for an incredible throw he made from first base to get someone out at third base. That was awesome and we love watching him play. Also, he’s super cute ?? Way to go Eli! #7000days #AcworthBaseball

April 15 ADVISORY LADIES | It has been an absolute blast for Mrs. McCain and I to know and learn from and with the precious senior ladies in our Advisory Group these past four years. Today was our last official meeting, so we wanted to do something special. The girls came over to my house and we ate waffles and bacon and laughed and told stories. And we were reminded again of God’s faithfulness to us in every season. I’m so grateful that the Lord blessed my life with these ladies…He has huge plans for each of them! We were missing one this morning, but we adore her too! #DoingLifeTogether #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily

April 13 BRAVES | Is there a better way to spend a Tuesday night in the spring in the south? You’d have a hard time convincing me! Thank you @nccsbaseball and Coach @baseball_keane for taking us out to the ballgame tonight. We had a blast! Such a great night to cheer on the Braves, hang out with friends, and have a mini Puerto Rico reunion at the park. Can’t wait to be back at the stadium on Saturday to watch our @NCCSEagles Baseball team play at 10am against Newnan High School. #GoBraves @braves #MixItUp #7000days #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily

April 11 Sure Dad! I’ll watch @themasters with you. So…are we watching or sleeping? #FatherSonTraining #GolfIsForNapping #7000days

April 10 Happy Sibling Day to two of the best and their awesome spouses who are my bonus siblings! It’s remarkable the three of us made it to adulthood with some of the things we came up with as kids. It’s a blast to how our 7 kids are following in our footsteps giving their siblings a hard time and cheering them on all at the same tome. It builds character! Can’t imagine anyone else I’d like to get in trouble with other than Kevin and Katie!

April 9 SABBATH | So grateful for a week away with my people. Exploring a new place. Lots of resting and reading. Tons of sunshine. Ice cream. Mexican food. Shrimp. Fried grouper sandwiches. Long walk on the beach with @clintstrange32. Throwing the softball on the beach. Unsweet tea with lime. Volleyball. Sunsets. Frisbee. Jarritos. New friends. Popcorn with Eli. Kayaking. Swimming. Naps. NCAA Basketball. Cooking. Sunrise. Coffee date with Emma.

The best part? I get to take them all home with me tomorrow! Grateful for time away to rest and be reminded that God is in control. #7000days

April 4 Happy Easter from @cedarcrestchurch! How about that handsome banjo player? ?? Such a joy to worship together and celebrate our Risen Savior with our church family! #Easter2021
What a joy to be able to be back in person for Easter this year! Christ is Risen! Thank you @cedarcrestchurch for always doing family pics! #7000days

April 3 Getting the fridge and freezer organized and cleaned is one of my favorite things…and I’m so glad my girl shares that joy as well! We were organizing the freezer drawer that holds the frozen veggies and ran across these. @clintstrange32 must have stashed them in there while I was out of town this week. He’s at church this evening playing his banjo for our Easter services, so Emma and I decided he’d probably want us to enjoy some of these Reese’s egg veggies as a healthy snack ?? Thanks Babe for helping us make wise snacking choices!

April 1 MY SON + We met this precious one exactly 7 years ago today in Ethiopia! When we met him, his name was “Tiraku” which means “man’s story”. We felt the Lord leading us to call him “Elijah” which means “My God is Yaweh”. Eli is one of God’s greatest gifts of grace to our family. We love our precious son! #7000days

April 1 PUERTO RICO ?? + Thursday
“Last day. Best day.” -Riley Clingman
What a day! What a team! What a Savior!
I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to serve with in Puerto Rico. We had an awesome time getting to know each other better and growing in Christ. We finished the roofing project for the church planter and his family. We finished the deck and yard projects for Mrs. Julia Maria Clemente. Then, we headed out for an amazing adventure in El Yunque National Forest, the only rainforest in the US National Park system. We wrapped up the evening sharing about our prayer partners over the most amazing honey chipotle chicken tenders. And now…we sleep fast because we roll at 4:30am headed homeward.
“Let me tell ya’”#HonkAroundTheOneLaneCurves
#GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily #nccsst21

April 1 • John 13:1-17
I love when Spring Term week @NCCSEagles matches up with Holy Week. What a great way to be intentional about recognizing the great work that has been done on our behalf in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Today’s reading takes us to the Upper Room where Jesus washed the feet of the disciples. He did that to give a tangible example of what love looks like. How can we love and serve others today?
#GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily #nccsst21

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