This morning’s #MCheyeneReadingPlan led me to four passages: 1 Samuel 18 about the friendship of David and Jonathan (we all need a friend like that), Romans 16 where Paul warns us about the culture coming…that we are living in now, as well as Psalm 34 and Lamentations 3 that I snapped pictures of.

In reading God’s word, I try to always put the date as that turns into a marker to go back to as I reflect on God’s faithfulness. The passage from Psalm 34 was near the beginning of the global pandemic…right as we were all settling into quarantine and dealing with all the “normal” things that had been stripped away. That was a season where many experienced hardship and tragedy…and it proved to also be a time where a lot of us surrendered to the Lord’s work on our weary and overloaded souls. In that season, the Lord proved Himself to be so good…time and time again.

Lamentations 3 is a great spot to start every day. It reminds me that God is God and He has today covered. He is my portion and He will always be enough.

God is faithful. He is working.

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