22 years ago today (12.28.2000), I rolled into Acworth, Georgia to follow God’s adventure for my life. I came to know the Lord at church youth camp the summer before 11th grade (6.23.1994) and was blessed to be discipled and given opportunities to lead and grow in a gospel-centered student ministry at Kirby Woods Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee under the leadership of Dyer Harbor. I was a counselor for the same church’s youth camp in the summer of 1997…they needed some help “last minute”…and it was during that week after my freshman year of college that the Lord called me to surrender my life to ministry. Again, so grateful to have been involved in a church that called, equipped, and encouraged those who felt called to serve the Lord in whatever space and place He led them to plant their lives.

My first job in ministry was working in the maintenance department at my home church, Kirby Woods. I cleaned the offices in the evenings and helped with other projects around the building as needed. I also worked in the sports ministry organizing basketball schedules, staffing the recreation center, refereeing youth basketball, and whatever was needed. After that, I went to Germantown United Methodist Church as the Director of Sports and Special Events ministries working for the church full time while finishing up my undergrad and student teaching. I was super blessed that the public school I student taught at was right across the street from GUMC so I could work early before school, walk over and teach all day, and then walk back to work for the late afternoon and evening. I also had a blast volunteering and leading some events in the student ministry during that time where the Lord really solidified my calling to invest in students…as so many had invested in me during high school in particular. It was a busy season, but super fun!

In September of 2000, I was invited to come to Acworth, Georgia to interview with Acworth United Methodist Church to be their Director of Student Ministries. That weekend was a blast and caused me to learn more about the fact that God was calling me to trust Him and to strike out on a new adventure. At that point in my life, no one in my family lived outside of Memphis. This was a big step! The church graciously offered an under-qualified Megan (basically a kid myself) the position that also came with a house..right on the edge of the church property. I’m still so thankful for many who came alongside me in that season to invest in my growth as a leader. Look what God has done!

Colossians 1:17

And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

I graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in education on 12.16.2000, finished my service at GUMC (where they really helped me grow…thank you Dan Camp!), celebrated Christmas with my family, and set out for Acworth. Our caravan rolled into Acworth, Georgia on Thursday, December 28, 2000 into my driveway next door to my first Acworth friend…Butch Price. Butch is still a friend to this day, a great leader in our community, and one of my favorite Bama football friends! Look what God has done!

Butch’s daughter Amy (co-worker and sweet friend) walked over and said “I’ve called everyone and let them know you are here!” Within minutes my U-Haul was completely unloaded, the furniture and decorations were right where my Mom had drawn things out, my brother and sister had made friends they’d enjoy seeing when they visited on college breaks, and I could already sense that the Lord had HUGE plans for me in Acworth, Georgia. Look what God has done!

I spent 5 years at Acworth UMC. In addition to serving students and their families, I had the privilege of leading worship…singing and playing guitar…for the church’s contemporary worship service, built relationships with many in our city leadership that are still great friends today, got involved with the local schools and wrote a character education program for North Cobb High School, fell in love with and led several international mission trips…and most importantly…met, fell in love with, and married Clint Strange! Look what God has done!

In September of 2005, the Lord shifted my focus from the local church student ministry to a new adventure in Christian education…all day everyday student ministry…when He called me to North Cobb Christian School as the Director of Student Life. I’m now in my 18th year at the school and my 14th as the high school principal. During those years the Lord blessed us with our two precious kids who LOVE growing up in Acworth and at NCCS. The Lord has also blessed us with some of the most incredible friends we could have ever dreamed of! God is moving and doing some incredible things at the school for His glory and the good of the students, staff, and families He has gathered to that community. Look what God has done!

12.28.2000 meant leaving Memphis, TN in the rear view and centering my focus and calling on serving and pursuing God’s plan for me in Acworth, Georgia. On 12.28.2022, I’m drinking coffee and writing this from my sister’s living room just outside of Memphis, where we visit for Christmas, with a heart of joy and gratitude for God’s faithfulness to me at every turn. I’ve experienced both the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in the past 22 years. I’m 44, so half of my life has been in Acworth, Georgia. We will return to Acworth in just a few days open-handed and excited for what the Lord has in store for the days ahead. If the Lord wills, our family desires to serve Him in Acworth, Georgia for many, many more years! School starts back in less than a week and we can’t wait to see what God has in store at NCCS as well as with our church family at NorthStar. We are so blessed and honored to be a part of a sweet community in Acworth, Georgia. Look what God has done!

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