Freedom Church: Freedom 2.0 wk 4

I am a little late posting my notes from last week at Freedom Church.  We were in Week 4 of our series Freedom 2.0.  The point of the series is to review our core values as we kick off our third year of ministry in Acworth so that people far from God can experience life in Christ.

The core value for this week was GENEROSITY focusing specifically on Matthew 6.  Here are my notes from Pastor JR’s message:

  • It’s not about what God wants FROM you, it’s about what God wants FOR you.
  • You only have 2 choices: serve God or serve money.
  • This is not a matter of the wallet, this is a matter of the heart.
  • Choose this day whom you will serve.
  • Do you have your finances in order so that you can prove you have a plan to be generous?
  • Your generosity is a practical demonstration of your level of trust in God.
We talked a lot about the fact that many people aren’t as generous as they would like to be because their finances are a MESS!  Is that you?  If so…we want to help.  Freedom Church has a financial counselor that offers free financial counseling.  He isn’t selling anything, he just wants to help you become debt-free so that you can be as generous as God created you to be.
Do I believe he can really help you?  I sure do.  The Freedom Church financial counselor is my husband Clint Strange.  God placed on our hearts that we need to be debt-free in order to always be in the best possible position to do anything that God calls us to do.  If you would like some help to get out of debt and propelled into a life of generosity, please email Clint right away to set up your free financial counseling session.

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