July 2

HOMEWARD BOUND | So grateful for some time away with my favorite people. We treasure the unrushed, uninterrupted, unscheduled time to just hang out. The Lord is gracious and kind to us!

We ate too much, rested a ton, read, ate more ice cream and crepes, played in the pool, and spent a bunch of time exploring under the sea. Clint and Emma were already SCUBA Certified and Eli and I are now certified as well! Such a fun thing for our family to do all together…The SCUBA Stranges. It’s always sad for the trip to end, but my favorite part is that I get to take my favorite Strange people home with me! Grateful for time away and excited to get home as well!

Thank you Jamaica! 🇯🇲 Always great to see you! #7000days

July 4

HAPPY FOURTH 🇺🇸 | Always a great time celebrating the Fourth in our beloved Acworth with family and friends. We love going down to the lake to see everyone and be reminded yet again of the wonderful community we have here in Acworth. Also…the people watching on the Fourth to and from the lake is better than anywhere I’ve seen…guaranteed to be a highlight! 😂 #Fireworks #BananaPudding #PurpleRain #VoteForStevePrather #7000days

July 8

TRI THE PARKS | Always a blast with our @tritheparks crew! No one else I’d rather hang with at 4am so that we can cheer on some really incredible athletes. Such a blast to have all four Stranges in action at this one…for the first time this season!

We don’t run the triathlons…or bike or swim. We just watch and cheer. #SwimBikeRun

#LahFaghadda @amykwallace

July 9

SUNday | So grateful to live in the Lake City. Acworth, we love you! Such a fun afternoon with friends after church. #7000days 😎

July 10

RUNNING PARTNER | Emma has taken an interest in running this summer and goes out for a few miles a few times a week. Eli keeps asking to “go for a run” as well. We aren’t quite ready for him to have as much independence, but agreed he could go for a short distance. Emma kindly offered to let him go with her part of the way and he was SO excited!

They stretched, chatted down the driveway, and then took off. And it was the sweetest thing ever. I love the days when they are siblings and friends. What a gift! #7000days

July 14

FRIDAY | Rushing river, coffee, reading, eating, games, chatting, tubing, resting, and remembering. The Lord is gracious and kind. Grateful for family time and no schedule to keep this weekend. #7000days

July 16

SPILLS AND THRILLS | This past weekend, we headed to Elijay for some time away in the mountains. We had a blast…it was so restful. We did a little bit of tubing, but our absolute favorite was parking ourselves…the whole fam…in front of the window to watch tubers go down the rocky part of the river right in front of the house. Most made it relatively unscathed, but many had some treacherous moments. Everyone was safe and sound…but we definitely enjoyed the people watching! Lots of laughter!

July 18

SOUND OF FREEDOM | God’s children are not for sale.

Lord Jesus, come quickly.

Well done @angelstudios_inc. Horrifically compelling. Thank you.

July 19 

EYES UP | This world is groaning in the midst of hard and confusing things. It’s been that way since Genesis 3. The Lord is gracious and kind to give us glimpses of His goodness in so many ways. He is patient and long-suffering. He is steadfast and merciful. Isaiah charges us that, as we look to Jesus,one day all of the broken things will be put back together, death will be no more, and we will see Jesus face to face in all of his glory. What a day that will be! #HOPE

God is faithful. He is working.

@thedailygraceco #FromEdenToEternity

July 20

GO BRAVES | Awesome day at the stadium cheering on the @Braves with our @NCCSEagles Upper School Student Government and lots of our new students. Glad to see the Braves back to their winning ways! #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily

July 22

WOODLANDS | Leaving in just a few to head up to @woodlandscamp to pick up Emma from camp. We are so grateful for @bigjonestes and the whole Woodlands team for all they do to invest in the hearts and minds of students to show them how to follow Jesus. We started our summer with Eli at camp and end it picking up Emma. This has been our pattern for several years now. I’m so grateful for the way the Lord uses these times away to grow and shape our kids in so many ways. Also, we have missed her like crazy! Emma is such a bright light in our family and we can’t wait to hear about her week. After she gets some sleep of course! #7000days

July 24

SERVANT LEADERS | Lots of fun hanging out tonight with our @NCCSEagles Upper School Student Government. Excited about the people that the Lord has gathered to be our Upper School community for this year and believing God has incredible things in store for us all. #TheBestIsYetToCome #ILoveOurStudents #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily

July 26

WITH YOU | I’ve had a lot of conversations recently with friends and families at school and church who are walking through difficult things. This world is broken (Genesis 3) and life can be really hard. I’m so grateful that we don’t have to do it alone. In these verses, the Lord is reminding Israel of who He is.

More often than not, when I’m discouraged…it’s simply because I’ve not remembered who God is. I find myself trying to do things on my own or find peace in things that aren’t able to bring peace. I can find myself assigning worth to things that aren’t worthy…Christ alone is worth of my attention and affection.

I’m so grateful that the Lord has given me the gift of the Bible. This book is God’s word that points me to the character of God and is my guidebook for all that will come up in life.

The Lord knows we can’t handle all that this world brings our way…we weren’t designed to do that. We will fall short. We will get discouraged. Until we lift our eyes to Christ.

As I pray for those that are walking through difficult things, I’m asking the Lord to help me keep my eyes on Him, my heart consumed by His love and grace, and my mind stayed on His faithfulness. When we look to Christ, we can be reminded…even in the midst of the hard…that the BEST IS YET TO COME!

God is faithful. He is working!

July 26

UPPER SCHOOL TEAM | Tonight was a special one. Always such a joy to host our @NCCSEagles Upper School Faculty and Staff Families at our home before the year gets underway. We work hard and invest a ton over the course of the year. It’s extra special to take some time to be reminded that Christian education is a calling and it calls our whole family to be all in.

The group of men and women that the Lord has assembled for our team this year are a blessing and I’m so thankful. We were missing some tonight, but I’m so excited they were having some last fun summer adventures as well! #GoEagles #WeAreNCCS #NCCSFamily #NCCSUpperSchool

July 30

SHRIMP BOIL | We celebrated Clint’s birthday a day early with Chef Mike’s famous shrimp boil. It’s become a tradition!

Our house smells incredible, but the food tasted even better! So grateful to gather with our Moms and dear friends to celebrate! And then some more friends dropped by and we enjoyed the pool to cool down after all that great food. #Grateful

July 31

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE | 7,925 days ago, I met Clint Strange and immediately knew that he was the one I had been praying for. God has blessed me beyond belief with a husband who is a joyful provider, unwavering protector, thoughtful and compassionate friend, amazing dad, and a very wise and godly man. He’s also a blast to be around and everyone’s favorite! We celebrate Clint’s birthday today and give thanks for what a blessing he is to our family. Clint Strange…you truly are a gift from God! Happy Birthday…I love you! 🎂🎉 #51

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