Emma 18 months

These posts are definitely starting to come along faster and faster each month!  It seems that I just wrote the one about Emma turning 17 months old.  Before you know it, I’ll be writing about her high school graduation!

Just like all the other months before, this one has been a blast.  We have watched Emma become more and more independent with each passing day.  She loves being able to do things for herself and looks for ways to help Mommy and Daddy as much as she can.  The other day that meant putting the collander on her head while I was trying to drain the spaghetti noodles!

We went to Savannah last weekend to visit my brother over Mother’s Day weekend and his birthday.  We took Emma out to Tybee Island to visit the beach.  This was her first time swimming this year and she loved it!  She thought the sand felt weird under her feet, but she really ended up getting in to it.

We received a notice last week that Emma’s crib had been recalled by the manufacturer due to some sort of defect.  Immediately we took the crib back to the store and were pleased to get a full refund for a piece of furniture that has been used a ton for 18 months.  As we were talking, we decided we might try and go ahead and transition Emma to a big girl bed rather than buying another crib.  Our friends suggested skipping the toddler bed and going right to a twin bed.  I’m glad we did.  We made the switch a week ago, and Emma is doing great sleeping in her twin bed.  She is also enjoying the freedom of getting up to get books and stuffed animals when she wakes up in the morning.  Yesterday, we went to check on her during her nap and found her on the floor sound asleep on a pile of books she had been looking at!

Most of our evenings this time of year consist of eating outside, playing outside, and trips to the pool after dinner.  It seems that our adventurous little girls is going to be an outside girl and that is just fine with us!  Summer is upon us and we can’t wait to see what all Miss Emma will be up to!

Here are some pictures from the past month of our curious, adventurous, independent, motion machine…

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