Disney World 2010

Disney World is an incredible place for kids to go and explore.  We have been planning this trip for several months and finally headed out June 12-16 to check things out.  I was so impressed with how many things Emma could do at DW.  She could ride several rides and loved a lot of the other activities and shows.  She wasn’t really in to all the characters, but it was fun watching how she reacted to each of them.  After not speaking to any of them, she got home and talked nonstop to her stuffed Mickey!  Emma did great with a lot of very early mornings and super late nights.

This was also Emma’s first time on an airplane and she did awesome on the way down and back.  We stayed at Coronado Springs on the WDW property.  We visited The Animal Kingdom, The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Downtown Disney.  It was nice not having to mess with driving down and worrying about parking.  The Disney buses were great and got us everywhere we needed to go!

We took about 350 pictures, but I picked just a few to share.  I hope you can see that we had an awesome time creating some memories with our family.  We believe that God has called us to intentionally pursue some cool experiences as we are raising our daughter.  This one was a blast!

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