Father’s Day: A Tribute

I know that Father’s Day was last weekend, but Emma and I were out of town, so we celebrated with Clint when we got home this week. I struggle to find the words to describe what an awesome Dad Clint is. You should see Emma’s face light up even when his name is just mentioned in conversation. And…she goes completely bonkers with excitement when he walks into the room.

One of Clint’s most endearing qualities to me has always been the way he is so great with kids. He is like the Pied Piper or something. I’ll never forget our mission trip to Poland in 2003. We were there to do a VBs and build a playground in a poor village. He noticed that the kids loved to play soccer, but that only one or two of the fifty kids had their own ball to play with. One night when our mission team ran into town to pick up supplies, Clint bought 50 soccer balls and gave them to all the kids the next day. You should have seen how excited they were. I’ll never forget that moment.

Clint was so excited to find out that we were having a baby. He was over the moon when he heard we were going to have a baby girl. We spent a ton of time talking about all the cool things we were planning to do with her. When we decided on the name Emma, Clint immediately got to work painting and decorating her room. It was a hilarious sight to see hot pink paint all over Clint’s work pants when he was working long into the night to make her room just perfect. When Emma was born, Clint spent many hours just holding her and looking at her. He has prayed for Emma since the moment we knew about her and she is definitely his little princess!

It is such a joy for me to know that our daughter has such a great love for her Daddy. He is so great about taking her to school in the mornings. Clint works from home each day. I used to take Emma to daycare early each morning on my way to school. We both hated to have to wake her up so early each morning. When we decided to move her to a school close to our house, it meant that she would get to sleep in, but Clint would have to get her dressed, feed her breakfast, and take her to school each day. They have a blast in the mornings! I often hear that Emma gets to daycare a few minutes late because they decided to play with bubbles before they left the house. He even puts her bow in her hair!

Many Saturday mornings consist of Emma and Daddy going on a date to Waffle House. They are too cute heading out with her in her pajamas. I hope that tradition continues for many, many years!

Everyone we know always comments on what a great Dad Clint is. He always takes time to make sure that Emma knows how much he loves me. He is being intentional about setting the bar high for the guy Emma will marry one day. Clint takes great care to treat “his girls” special.

Clint is more than I could have ever thought to ask for. He is a godly man that is running hard after Christ. He is a loving husband that treasures me. He is the best friend anyone could ask for. He is a loyal and faithful provider and protector. He works hard and is unwilling to compromise his integrity. He plays hard and makes sure everyone around him is having a great time. He is a Father that desires to be his daughter’s hero.

Happy Father’s Day Clint! We love you! Emma is looking forward to standing on your shoes and dancing with you in the kitchen while you both sing your favorite dance tunes!

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