ACSI: Dr. Bob Miller

Session 2-Dr. Bob Miller (ACSI Consultant)
Thursday Afternoon
413R “Avoiding Professional Burnout”

Burnout is primarily spiritual and emotional.

1. Deal with sin properly
a. Unconfessed sin robs you of your joy
b. I John 1:9
2. Learn to say NO
a. Less is more
b. Prioritize your ministry
c. Never answer on the spot-greatest human pressure to say yes
3. Develop an exercise routine
a. 1 Timothy 4:7-8
4. Don’t be afraid to leave early
5. Get back to nature
6. Spend time celebrating life
7. Develop your sense of humor
8. Integrate the personal and professional into congruents
9. Keep your devotional life rich. Be careful of ruts.
10. Don’t mix church and school.
11. Have a life outside the school.
12. Go back to what attracted you to Christian education in the first place.
13. Avoid entanglement with toxic people.
14. Keep short accounts with people. Strained relationships strain.
15. Adopt a forgiving spirit.
16. Come apart before you come apart.

Overload Syndrome by Richard Sweenson
Margins by Richard Sweenson

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