ACSI: Dr. Philip Renicks

General Session-Dr. Philip Renicks (Retired ASCI)
Friday Morning
600R “Encircling the Globe, Impacting the World, Impacting Culture”

Who is my neighbor?
• Where have I pitched my tent?
• Who are the people in your circle of greatest influence?
• Is there anyone you can exclude and still fulfill the command?

God has opened a huge door for Christians and Christian schools to meet a need in areas of significant tragedy (Indonesia, etc.)

John 13:24-35

Be people of influence. Be culture changers.

“I want my students to know the love and fragrance of Christ in me.”

Matthew 28:19-20

Teachers Everyday Commission
• Make Disciples
i. GO-win the lost and build in them a biblical worldview for all of life
ii. TEACH-equip your students with skills they will need to engage their culture for Christ (spiritual formation)
iii. LIFE CHANGE-engage your students in life changing opportunities as they engage the culture of their world

We have a command to obey.

We have a commitment to make.

A compromise to evade.

Carpe Aeternitatem “Seize Eternity”-Why settle for a day?

The Great Celebration: Revelation 7:9-10

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