Emma 22 months

As I have said in the previous 22 posts…this has been the most fun month ever!  Emma is really growing up fast and this month has been a blast.  With school starting back for us at NCCS, there have been a lot of opportunities to go to ball games, cross country meets, and volleyball matches.  All of those work out great for Emma because there are TONS of other kids her age to play with.

Emma is really into reading books and loves making animal noises.  She can say tons of words and is actually pretty good at describing things that she wants or needs.  Some of her most familiar books, she will try to read aloud to us!  She still sometimes sounds like she is from a foreign country, but her speech is really getting recognizable and that makes it a blast to sit and chat with her.

Emma loves all kinds of foods and is pretty good about trying new things.  We took her out for ice cream tonight to celebrate her 22 month birthday.  She really enjoyed the sprinkles on top!  Clint and I are so grateful for every afternoon, evening, and weekend that we can spend just playing with Emma and finding out more about her crazy little personality.  She is little miss independent and it is so cool to see her working hard to figure things out.  She loves to play bubbles in the yard and check out the mailbox.  She is also really in to wearing Mommy’s shoes these days.

Thank you again for indulging me, but here are the pictures of miss Emma since August 15.  One month closer to 2 years old…time definitely flies when you are having fun!

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