I got arrested today

I got “arrested” today…in chapel…in front of all of the high school students at North Cobb Christian School.  It was for a GREAT cause!  A few weeks ago the Acworth Police came and challenged our students to help them raise money for the Horizon Special Needs field here in Acworth.  For the past few years, our students have served as buddies for the Horizon baseball and kickball leagues.  We have had a great time with that and I have been so impressed at the way that some of our students have really stepped up to serve these kids and their families.

The Acworth PD had an event a couple of weeks ago called “Covering the Bases”.  This event lasted for 24 hours and consisted of lots of fun activities, music, food, vendors from all over town, and most importantly…people walking, jogging, running, and riding their wheelchairs around the bases of the Horizon Field for 24 straight hours.  Our students raised the money they were challenged to raise and together with the entire community, “Covering the Bases” has raised over $20,000 so far to pay for field maintenance and scholarships for special needs kids to participate in this league.  Since our kids raised what they were challenged to raise, the Acworth PD came and arrested me today to have some fun on behalf of our kids hard work.

The Horizon Field could still use your help.  If you would like to make an investment in the lives of these special kids and their amazing ballpark, please contact Lauren Ham of the Acworth Parks and Rec Department.  She’d love to hear from more folks that would like to help!  This continues to be one of the favorite ministry opportunities at our school.  If you want more info about being a buddy for the Horizon league, please email our student leader, Nick Geter, and he will get you all the info.

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  1. Cute! Mr. Simpson forwarded this to me. It was great seeing your picture again even in black and white stripes! Send me pictures of your baby. I’m sure she’s “grown up” by now.

    Linda Toombs

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