Christmas Eve Eve Throwdown

We are just a couple of hours away from the traditional Christmas Eve Eve Throwdown we have with some of our friends before we all split up to go our separate ways for the next several days.  Clint, Emma, and I have no extended family in town…so we made a huge, crazy, rowdy family with all of our friends.  We are so incredibly blessed to have such godly, fun, and generous friends who are such a joy to be around.  We celebrate many holidays…and even most of the regular days…together.  Our group is a great picture for me of what the Acts 2 church is supposed to be about.  We fellowship together, we hold each other accountable, we eat together, we worship together, we laugh hard, we eat together, we cry on each other’s shoulders, we meet needs together and for each other, and we eat together.   Our group is made up of both adults and kids.  We are all different ages, come from different backgrounds, have many similar and some very different interests, are at varying stages of life, but are all bound together in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We will eat this afternoon and I am sure there will be a ton of laughter.  The Christmas Eve Eve Throwdown is another opportunity to focus on experiences rather than stuff.  One of my favorite gifts that God has blessed me with is friendship that has truly become like family as we build our home here in Acworth.

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