Daniel 1:8-16

Today’s Reading: Daniel 1:8-16 (English Standard Version)

8 But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself with the king’s food, or with the wine that he drank. Therefore he asked the chief of the eunuchs to allow him not to defile himself.9 And God gave Daniel favor and compassion in the sight of the chief of the eunuchs,10 and the chief of the eunuchs said to Daniel, I fear my lord the king, who assigned your food and your drink; for why should he see that you were in worse condition than the youths who are of your own age? So you would endanger my head with the king.11 Then Daniel said to the steward whom the chief of the eunuchs had assigned over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah,12 Test your servants for ten days; let us be given vegetables to eat and water to drink.13 Then let our appearance and the appearance of the youths who eat the king’s food be observed by you, and deal with your servants according to what you see.14 So he listened to them in this matter, and tested them for ten days.15 At the end of ten days it was seen that they were better in appearance and fatter in flesh than all the youths who ate the king’s food.16 So the steward took away their food and the wine they were to drink, and gave them vegetables.


  • Daniel RESOLVED not to defile himself.  How am I intentionally resolving not to defile myself with the things of this world?
  • Daniel asked permission in order to demonstrate respect for those in authority over him.
  • God gave Daniel favor and he received permission from the authorities.  I believe this points out the necessity of respecting authority in order to accomplish great things for God.
  • Daniel encouraged accountability by asking the steward to test them after 10 days to see if their choice was acceptable.
  • God honored Daniel’s faithfulness by allowing him, Hanahiah, Mishael, and Azariah to appear healthy at the end of the 10 days.
  • What great thing is God calling you to accomplish that will require steadfastness?

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