Kevins Return: Update #1

Kevin in battle gear

Most of you know that my younger brother Kevin has been serving with the ARMY in Iraq for the past 15 months. He is scheduled to return to Ft. Stewart in Savannah, GA this week. He was originally supposed to be back this afternoon, so Mom, Katie, J.D., and I headed down early this morning to welcome him back. Sandstorms in Kuwait keep changing things, so we just got word that he will not actually arrive now until tomorrow. **One good bit of news though…Clint has been in Washington, D.C. with our 8th graders from NCCS this week. He was going to miss the actual “Welcome Home” time, but it looks like he’ll be able to make it now too!

Oh well…more time to make posters I guess. We are just thankful to have the opportunity to welcome him home. We are aware of the reality that there are a lot of families who won’t have this privilege.

Thank you for praying for him. I look forward to posting pictures of his safe return!

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