Emma: 2 Year Old Birthday Party

We had a great time at Emma’s 2 year old birthday party celebrating with our family and friends!  Once again, the weather was gorgeous the weekend after Thanksgiving, so we had a cookout for Emma’s birthday.  We are so grateful that so many of the people that are special to Emma were able to join us for her Ladybug party.  Once again, Aunt Katie and Uncle JD outdid themselves with the cake.  It is such a treat to watch how much fun they have making the perfect birthday cake for Emma.  I am so glad that Emma is so close to her aunt and both of her uncles!  Uncle Kevin manned the grill for the party and provided his normal humor.  My mom was a huge help getting everything prepared and Clint’s parents were here for the big day to make sure that all the grandparents had plenty of opportunity to spoil Emma!  God has definitely blessed us with a sweet little girl and we are so grateful to have such a great group of family and friends who love her too!

Check out some pictures from the big day!

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