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cross tattoo

I have the privilege of teaching a 9th grade Ethics class this semester at school.  Tomorrow we are moving into discussions about things that our culture is currently dealing with.  I have a really sharp class and am interested to know where they stand on things and why.

Our first topic tomorrow is whether or not it is ok for a Christian to get a Tattoo.  What do you think and why?  I’d love to have some of you comment on this post to let me know where you stand.  Once we get done with this segment, I’ll put on here what I think.

Thanks for participating…and this is one of the coolest tats I’ve ever seen, so I had to add it!


  1. Honestly, i think that tattoos are not inherently wrong. I would cite the old testament verse saying that they are, but if you continue reading it also outlaws shaving of the face. That verse was meant for that time period. What i do believe is this: there is a limit to how far a person should go with tattoos. We are to keep are bodies in a healthy condition, and tattoos can hinder that. But so can Coca Cola. Also, one must keep in mind that certain workplaces have rules about tattoos. And we must remember to submit to our governing authorities. Even certain people have reasons against tattoos, and we should respect the scruples of others. All that is to say, i would not get a tattoo. Mainly because i have a severe fear of needles. But i am not against them. Do as you see is right in the eyes of God.

  2. I personally think that tattoos are ok. I agree that your body is God’s temple and that we were made in the image of God (and I’m sure God didn’t have any tattoos). He also gave us free will to do with our body as we please. I’m still in a controversial state whether they are right or wrong, but if a person wants to get a tattoo then they have every right and we as Christians shouldn’t judge a person by the piercings they have or the image on their body. We are all individuals with different tastes.

  3. Here is my thought. I feel that tattoos when soberly inked are an art. As a catholic I have priests and ministers who have tattoos that they got to serve as a memorial or simply a reminder to pray. When a tattoo’s content dishonors Christ or another man it is improper and immoral. Ultimately I feel that it is the heart of the wearer that determines what’s proper. I have been designing a Tat with one of my best friends that embodies the passion god has placed in my life. A peace sign with a dove. To remind me that Christ is a god of peace love and purity. Can someone really tell me that tattooing such a Christlike symbol is in fact not Christlike?

  4. i think tattoos are fine as long as whatever you do; you do to glorify the Lord. some ppl try to rebuke tattoos by using Leviticus, but they are taking the verse out of context. God told the Israelites to not get tattoos so that they could seperate themselves. he also told them that they could not shave. many things from the Old testament changed with time.

  5. I believe that tattoos are more of a personal decision. If the person who wants a tattoo happens to be Christian, their decision should not revolve around being a Christian but if they want to or not. To me, tattoos are a more permanent way to express a person’s feelings or views on something. Would I get one? No, because I’m not a tattoo kinda guy, but if someone else wants to, who is a Christian, I have no problem with it.

  6. As a Christian with tattoos….

    I agree and disagree with several things that have been said. For one, “anonymous” (post4) makes a good point about the passage in Leviticus being used often and out of context. As for a couple of comments stating that what was said in the Old Testament changed or does not apply today, I have to disagree. I believe that everything there still applies, but thanks to the person and work of Jesus, the Law has been fulfilled. We are now under Grace, which is where all the change comes in. Of course, I could talk for a long time about that, but that’s not what you asked about. You asked about tattoos! 🙂 Many will point out that our bodies are God’s temple, to which I have to say that my temple just has better artwork. Anyhow. CPYU did an article on tattoos a while back that I thought was worth a read. You can find it here:

  7. This is an issue that i have been dealing with for a while now, just turning 18 and talking about the stuff that i can decide for myself and how I don’t need the parents permission anymore. So it’s cool that you bring up this question now. I think for me, it’s more of a personal decision. If your tattoo is something that is modest, not immoral or degrading to our Father in heaven and it is something that you want, then go ahead and get it. Personally I would not get a tattoo because i can’t in vision myself as a 90 year old woman, or even and 35 year old woman with a tattoo on my body. I don’t particularly think they are very classy or that they send off a very clean or conservative style. THis is of course, only my opinion, but hey if it helps your class’ discussion, go for it!

  8. good discussion here. i’m going to echo what some have already said. i think that there is no sin in tattoos. the old testament passage is like ross said. tattoos are banned for the jews in that passage because it’s talking about the things that associated people to different religions. there were people worshiping false gods and showed their devotion by giving marks (and another group is mentioned later in the passage that shaved their heads to show devotion to their false god, thus, the no cutting of hair). God forbids the jews to do this because they were getting dangerously close to worshiping those false gods themselves.

    we can know that Jesus has marks on his body…marks that bought us liberty. paul also talks about sharing in christ’s suffering with the marks he bore on his body (from beatings and such). you should definitely use caution when getting a tattoo, but there is nothing wrong with a Christian getting a tattoo. i know many Christians with tattoos (my church actually gave people tattoos during the message on easter sunday) and i plan on getting one sometime soon. i’ve thought about it for two years now and i’m sure that i want it and i’m excited that it will serve as a reminder of what God has done and will do for me (i’m not going to post my idea up here though so no one steals it 🙂

  9. Hey! I don’t really have a comment or anything(since we talked about it in class) but I thought its cool that you said our class was sharp! i feel special…hehe. And I would like to thank Crystal for the support on the old woman thing! I glad I’m not the only one who thinks that. lol

  10. Megan I think you should get a tattoo as part of the class discussion. To show your dedication to those “sharp” students – the tattoo should go on your forehead for all to see.

  11. I agree with JR. I think it should be a banjo so you can represent!
    –The Drummer

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